Nebraska Furniture Mart’s New Store in DFW Opening Spring of 2015

As part of my blog I get many great opportunities to attend local events of interest.  Last week I had the chance to experience walking through the new Nebraska Furniture Mart that is opening this Spring in The Colony, TX,  as part of a VIP Blogger event.

Being from South Dakota originally I was already familiar with Nebraska Furniture Mart.  It was a regular thing for the folks in our area to make the drive to Omaha to shop there!

The North Texas Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest furniture store in the United States!  (You know what they say…everything’s bigger in Texas!)  There is 560,000 sq ft of Showroom space and a 1.3 MILLION (!!!) sq ft warehouse.

It’s kind of like the furniture store of dreams… If you build it they will come…

And they know Texans will, so they built a parking garage that will handle the influx.  With some über features like letting you know just how many spots are open on each level BEFORE you drive in.  And little lights over the parking spaces with red and green lights so you know whether the spaces are occupied or not (take that you mini Fiats and Coopers!).

Since this was a sneak peek the store isn’t completely finished yet, but here are some photos that I took that evening:

That’s A LOT of tables!

Lest you think Nebraska Furniture Mart only has furniture…they also have flooring…  (hey that’s right they don’t JUST sell furniture and they’re not just in Nebraska either!)

and rugs…

and appliances…

and gaming consoles…

and of course they do have furniture…

lots. and Lots and LOTS of furniture!

I guess you kind of have to when…

And part of that furniture includes this coffee, end and sofa table set that I REALLY want for my home 🙂

Since 1937 when Nebraska Furniture Mart was first established by Rose Blumkin in the basement of her husband’s pawnshop in Omaha, she was committed to having low prices.  So when you get a chance to shop there take note of these nifty electronic tags that they have next to all their merchandise.

These neat digital tags will check over 39,000 skus DAILY against 18 of the leading retailers and change the prices to ensure that Nebraska Furniture Mart is offering the lowest price!  It’s quite a change from what Mrs. B (as she was more fondly known) was tagging her items with, but not her ideals 🙂

These phrases displayed in the main entrance of the building truly embrace what Nebraska Furniture Mart is all about.

We ended the evening with provided wine and food from Cru Wine Bar in McKinney, TX.

If you are in the DFW area (or close enough to drive), there is going to be an invite-only pre-grand opening shopping event for bloggers and their readers (that means you!), you can sign up to be contacted about it right here!!  In order to maintain manageable traffic levels and ensure a first-rate shopping experience, they might need to split participants into two groups and have two separate shopping time-frames. If that is the case, they will send invites (with actual dates on them 🙂 ) based on when the sign-up was received to you. So, basically, they are using the ‘ole “first come, first served” method! The cut-off date to sign up to shop early will be February 28th.  Please use the link below to sign up.

I hope to have a lot more to share with you about Nebraska Furniture Mart as part of their Texas Blogger Program in the future!

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