Myths and Misconceptions About Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

Even as tungsten wedding rings continue to grow in popularity all over the world, there are still some myths and misconceptions about these rings that are going around. There are so many things to love about tungsten wedding rings. They are especially popular among the men owing to their strength and masculine appearance. Tungsten carbide is used to craft not only wedding rings but also casual rings. It is a very versatile material that is used for a number of purposes not just the manufacture of wedding rings.

tungsten wedding rings

It is probably prudent to talk about why these rings are highly favored before talking about the myths and misconceptions that people hold about them.

  • Affordability

This is probably the first thing that attracts the attention of most people. Rings made from tungsten carbide are significantly cheaper than all other wedding ring materials, such as gold and silver. The affordability of tungsten carbide rings is so great that it allows people to purchase pairs of wedding rings without spending a fortune in the process.

  • Attractiveness

Wedding rings made from tungsten carbide are very attractive. They are eye-catching and at their price, they are often a steal. You can design your own tungsten wedding band if you are not able to find a pair that works perfectly for the preferences of your fiancé and your yourself.

  • Resistance

Tungsten carbide brings with it strength like no other material can afford. It is the strongest material in the world, second only to diamond. Diamonds break hammers and cut metals. You can do just about the same thing with tungsten carbide. It is this hardness that makes the material very resistant to scratches and bending. You need to spend a lot of energy in order to damage a tungsten carbide ring.

This material is not only resistant to forces but also very resistant to tarnishing. Tungsten carbide is largely inert and thus it does not react with most chemicals allowing for your wedding ring to retain its beauty years later. The same cannot be said about gold and silver rings. In as much as they also do not react with many chemicals, they have their weaknesses. Gold reacts with sulfur while silver on the other hand can be tarnished by chlorine and its relatives. Tungsten carbide does not get tarnished easily.

  • Uniqueness

Aside from their attractiveness, tungsten rings are also unique. It is not every day that you come across someone wearing a tungsten ring. Even if you do come across someone wearing a tungsten wedding band, you might not be able to get the same exact ring that they are wearing. The things that can be done to tungsten wedding rings to personalize them are just so many. The uniqueness of tungsten is probably the most attractive thing about it. Golden and silver rings are also attractive, but they are a bit too common for many people’s tastes.

Myths and misconceptions to ignore

With all those merits, tungsten wedding rings still evoke some skepticism. There are people who decide against these rings because of cultural traditions. Others feel like they are for a particular gender and still others shy away from tungsten wedding bands because they heard some outrageous lies about them. Some of the most common myths about tungsten carbide rings that you should ignore are:

  1. Tungsten rings are for men

There are the men’s tungsten wedding rings that are available in the market. There are also tungsten rings for women. The thing about tungsten wedding bands is that they are very versatile and thus they can be worn by just about any individual. In as much as they are very popular among men, there are also rings for women.

tungsten wedding rings

It would not be fair not to mention the fact that you can add precious stones to tungsten rings as well. Just like with white/yellow gold, silver and platinum rings, you can install that ruby or diamond that you have always dreamed to have onto your wedding ring. As such, tungsten rings are by no means for men only.

  1. Tungsten should never contain nickel

Did you know that you cannot make a ring using pure gold or silver? These metals are just too soft to be bent into anything useful. In fact, there is only so much that you can do with pure gold. In the same light, tungsten carbide wedding rings are never made using pure tungsten. This is because in its pure state, tungsten is an ore and it never polishes up to give that lovely shine that attracts many people to tungsten carbide rings. Therefore, a nickel binder is combined with the tungsten ore. It not only gives the ring the shine that is characteristic of it but also prevents discoloration as many other binders are bound to do. If you have been told not to purchase a tungsten wedding band that contains nickel, you can discredit that.

  1. Tungsten rings are hard to remove in the event of an accident

You have probably seen an accident where the ring is deformed while on the finger and therefore becomes hard to remove. The options that are available are either: amputating the finger or finding a way to cut the ring out, which is still going to cost the finger a lot of damage. Can you imagine how hard it is to remove a tungsten wedding ring that has deformed on the finger? It is going to be hard but then what is going to deform the ring in the first place? Tungsten rings are actually the safest to have in the event of an accident. They do not get bent easily. Therefore, you will not even have to struggle with it first to remove the ring.


Wedding rings come in a number of materials, but one that really stands out is the tungsten carbide ring. It brings with it a whole lot of benefits. Even with all the myths and misconceptions about these rings, they are still popular. They are strong, affordable and attractive rings.

Author bio

Molly Morrison is a jewelry store owner with years of experience in the design and cutting of diamonds for engagement rings and weddings. She is also fond of tungsten wedding rings and has been designing both women and men’s tungsten wedding rings for a while now.

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  1. I really like Tungsten Rings. My son in law has a couple of them and he loves them as well. They look nice and hold up very well.

  2. We are considering a tungsten ring for him. We’ve been having a hard time between fit and orders. We even bought a ring sizer but depending on the thickness of the ring, it changes, plus comparing the ring with the ring sizer size isn’t always exact.

  3. WOW! Very informative article about tungsten! We haven’t bought rings yet and think that this may be the way to go! Thanks for all the facts you shared! They have surely influenced me!

  4. My husbands ring is tungsten and it is pretty sharp. It fits his personality better than a gold band.

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