A Guide to Choosing Wedding Bands That are Just Meant for You

Two Wedding Rings Resting On A  Bible PageBeing prepared before you step into jewelry stores for choosing wedding bands and rings is the key to the right selection. Preparation means that you have to be clear in mind about your budget, and you should have some knowledge about the types of bands that are available in the market. Knowing about the types in advance will help you make a short list of preferences. The most important aspect about wedding bands and rings is that it needs to be well accepted not only by you, but your partner as well. The need for being prepared acquires much more significance in this context. How you could go about in making the right choice has been discussed in this article.

Have a budget

How much you are willing to spend on wedding bands and rings would govern your choice. Wedding rings are available in various metals and in various intricate designs. From gold to platinum and palladium, the prices vary according to the metal as well as the design. The extent of engraving and embellishments also increases the cost. In the simplest design, you have to spend about $330 for a 14 karat gold band, while the same simplistic design in platinum could cost you about three times. Personalized engraving also pushes up the cost depending on whether you prefer hand engraving or machine engraving. Keeping aside 3 percent of your wedding budget for bands and rings is the norm.

Limit your choices

Make up your mind about the type of wedding bands that you are likely to go for. Ask a few questions to yourself about matching it with other accessories like watches and rings. From color of bands to the metal, how you like it to complement other jewelry and accessories you wear will give you some idea about the types you would like. Are you attracted by simple designs or prefer gemstones and diamonds to make it shine? The better you are in answering the questions, the better you are placed to restrict your choice that leads to right selection.

Get time to try it out

Having outlined your choices, it is now time to get into the act. Shopping for wedding bands and rings takes time because it entails some research and window shopping. You have to try it out by wearing it. Hopping from one shop to another, selecting from the range you have in mind and then trying it out for looks and fitting needs time and patience. Therefore, start the process at least three months prior to the wedding date. Moreover, if you want a custom ring with designs and engraving, add an extra month for the hunt.

Bands are linked to rings

Although bands and rings are not paired, there is an underlying relation between the two. A marvelously crafted wedding band can be well supported by a wedding ring of simple design and vice versa. Diamond studded bands are best suited to match the sparkle of solitaire rings. Whether you would like to wear the band and ring together always or would prefer wear only the band constantly would influence its matching aspect with the ring. Meteorite Wedding Bands have garnered massive popularity for their unique designs and selections.


Balance with your partner’s choice

The choice of wedding bands and rings reflect the taste and style of the couple. It is also a reflection of their mental closeness despite maintaining individual styles. The accessories are to accompany you for the rest of your life and should be well accepted by both partners. This, of course, does not mean that the choice has to be the same for both. What is important is that it has to complement each other. The choice has to be loved by both even if one prefers platinum and the other prefers yellow gold. At the end, the matching has to turn out like an ideal pair.

Have an open mind

It is good to have a list of choices of wedding bands when you visit the jewelry store but it should never be a limiter. Whatever you have thought about can always be made better by being open to suggestions and advice from the jeweler. You might find something that you had never thought about. Since the appearance of the wedding band has to match with the comfort of wearing it, you might discover something new that gives the best of both. Be ready to accept everything and give it a try before ruling it out just because it was not included in your list.

Consider your lifestyle

This aspect is very important because it can help to take the most practical decision that can save money. Since wedding bands are meant for constant wear, it has to be extremely comfortable. However, wearing it always should not be inconvenient to carry out your work in daily life. If it happens, then you may have to remove it time and again which raises the possibilities of losing it. If you use your hands extensively for sports or other professional activities, then there is no point to spend on expensive design that can get damaged.

Find the right size

Wedding bands are going to be an inseparable part of your life through the thick and thin. Choosing the right size will ensure that it is comfortable to wear even when your body undergoes physical changes due to weather conditions. Try out the size when you are mentally calm and composed and have a normal body temperature. This would ensure that all conditions of bodily changes are well taken care of.

Prefer styles that do not get outdated with time. Make sure that what is contemporary today should also be accepted with the same spirit even after 40 years. For the right quality, check for the manufacturer’s mark and the quality mark on wedding bands and rings. For multi-metal construction, there should be separate quality marks for each metal. Care for your wedding band and ring by cleaning it at intervals so that its shine and sparkle withstands the test of time.

About the author: James Coburn is a fashion designer who takes special interest in jewelry designing. He acts in an advisory role for many jewelers who specialize in wedding bands and rings. Trained as an artist, he has applied his knowledge and creativity in creating marvelous jewelry including Meteorite Wedding Bands. He has played a prominent role in popularizing wedding bands for males.

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  1. This is really great information on ring shopping. I think sticking to a budget you set at the beginning is very important.

  2. I really think that this is such good information and making sure to pick out the right wedding band is so important. I got the ring I loved when I got married and it did not cost a fortune!

  3. Oh those are all such great tips to help! It can be very scary yet exciting trying to find the perfect set for you as you being your lives together!

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