Movies Anywhere is a Great Service to Help Survive the Holiday Season

Free digital movie codes were provided to us by Movies Anywhere. All views are our own.

I really love Movies Anywhere, and it has truly been a lifesaver for us over the holiday season, both for at home and on the go.

Take for instance holiday travel plans.  We all know that they can go awry.  Schedules, repairs and of course the biggest thwarter of travel at this time of year.. weather!  There are plenty of instances when we don’t make our “on-time arrival” for the holidays.  What better way to make the waiting go by quicker than with Movies Anywhere?  If you’re unfamiliar with Movies Anywhere it is a cloud-based service that brings the movies of numerous studios together in one place.

Just like their name suggests with Movies Anywhere, movies are available to be watched from anywhere you have a device that can access them.  You set up one base account and then you can add profiles for the family, including rating restrictions for content access.  If you haven’t already, you will want to download the free Movies Anywhere app and that combines your digital movies from multiple services.  You can also purchase movies, including new releases (usually even before the DVDs are released) on Movies Anywhere too.  The app is available for mobile devices and on your TV. 

You can also head on over to Movies Anywhere and set up an account.  It’s Free to join and combine your movies, the only cost is if you purchase a movie through their service directly.  Proceed to connect all your online services to your account so you can access the movies you already own from all the platforms in one place (genius, I know). Next enter in all those digital codes from the DVDs that you’ve bought in the past (yes THAT’S what those codes are for), and then sit back and survive the holidays!


So back to our delayed holiday flight to go see relatives half way across the country.  The kids are restless, your husband is bored and you just want to escape from reality for a while.  Can anyone else relate?!  (I see you all raising your hands LOL!)

This, THIS is when you will be so glad you joined Movies Anywhere, so that instead of dealing with a 3 hour meltdown, this little one can watch her favorite animated movie over and over and .. over again.  (Be sure to bring a charged battery pack for that tablet Mom!)

Your teen can watch the latest dystopian young adult release, your husband can watch that action adventure movie he hasn’t had time for and you, well you can watch that chick flick, musical or if you’re like me you are heading right to your favorite superhero title 😉  Planes, trains and automobiles… Movies Anywhere has you covered in them all!

But when we’re not traveling, one of my favorite things to do during holiday vacations is just pile up on the couch to watch movies together.

What I really like about Movies Anywhere is the kids can have their pick of movies that they already own to choose to watch as a family.  Then later after they are tucked in bed, the grownups can buy something they’ve been wanting to see themselves.  There is such a great selection of new releases on Movies Anywhere, and it’s so easy and affordable to purchase through them.  Wind down from the busyness of the holiday season.  Pop some popcorn, pour the drinks, buy the movie (no need to get a babysitter!) and voila – date night!

Movies Anywhere can help you start some new holiday traditions with your family too.  Maybe you want to start watching a holiday movie each weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Or perhaps it’s watching a holiday flick while wrapping presents.  You could invite some friends over for a hot chocolate bar and cookie swap and to watch a couple of holiday movies.  Or just give the kids access to their movies on a tablet and let them try and wait out Santa Claus!

Well maybe only for those that you know will fall asleep 😉 

So this year enjoy watching all your favorite movies from one hub; Movies Anywhere.  It may just be the best thing to help your family survive the holiday season! 

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