Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition – Gift Guide Pick – Giveaway

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My family has been Monopoly fans for a long time.  Before computer games were a popular pastime my husband and his friends would gather on Saturday afternoons and play Monopoly.  They’d keep the gaming going for weeks on end!

We have a number of Monopoly games in our home from the original version to a Star Wars one.

One of the latest Monopoly game versions is Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.  With some fun new playing pieces, this version ditches the cash money and uses a “card reader” to keep track of each players funds.


The Electronic Banking Edition has kept traditional elements of the classic version (Free Parking, Luxury Tax, Community Chest and Chance Cards) but has updated them to fit the communities we live in today.  Between the bank cards for money tracking and the fun directions on the cards your game play becomes a little more realistic and not so nostalgic!

The bank reader takes 2 AAA batteries (not included) and turns itself automatically when not in use for  a period of time.  This is how it works:

While it was fun to play – it has a bit of a learning curve – by that I mean if you are playing with a full player roster (6 people), it would actually become more cumbersome to insert the cards into the machine and add and subtract the funds, then if you just counted out the paper money.  We only played with 3 people and found it took us longer to play with the card reader, and I often got the colors mixed up when exchanging rent fees.  I can see this being a great way to play Monopoly with younger children for whom counting large sums of money might be difficult.  This allows the entire family to have fun playing together without the distraction of the paper funds.

You can purchase Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition online at retailers such as and Walmart as well as retail stores nationwide, it’s  SRP is $35.00.  This would make a fun holiday gift for families that enjoy playing board games together.


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