Mom’s Day Out to see Mom’s Night Out

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Being a mom is hard.  It’s exhausting.  Much of the time it’s a thankless job.  We often feel like failures.  We put waaay too much pressure on ourselves.  What every mom needs on occassion is a Mom’s Night Out.  A time where she and her friends can decompress, let their hair down and not have two or four or six (or more!) sticky hands needing something that only Mom can give.

I was planning on hosting a Mom’s Night Out party through Mom Select earlier in May.  Yeah, that never happened.  It was supposed to happen.  But you know what it’s like when you have kids.  And your friends have kids.  The best intentions get usurped …by kids.

I had games planned with little branded items to give out from brands like Claritin, Disney and the new movie Mom’s Night Out.  I had recipes for frou frou drinks made with Monk Fruit In the Raw.  Alas, it was just not to be.  

What we were able to do though was get together on Memorial Day in the afternoon and go the movies to see Mom’s Night Out.

Let me tell you Moms.  All of you.  Moms with newborns.  Moms with toddlers.  Moms with school aged children.  Moms with teens.  Moms with kids who have flown the coop.  Future Moms.  EVERY MOM needs to go see the movie Mom’s Night Out.

MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is a comedy about three mothers who leave their children with their husbands while they go out for a “Moms’ Night”and the chaos that ensues.

While I think every mother out there will resonate with at least one, if not all of the moms in the movie, I totally related to the main character Allyson.  She’s a mom blogger, homeschools her kids, has gorgeous high heeled shoes that she hasn’t had a place to wear in two years, has a car stero that doesn’t work properly, and can’t figure out why even though she’s living her dream..she’s just not happy some days.  It’s an uncanny resemblance to my life.

The producers, directors and actors got this one right.  It’s not just a funny comedy that will give mom a break from what she considers the tiring and routine mundane of her life, but it also is a really encouraging movie.  It’s message is “Moms, we’re good enough.”  Ditch the pressure, ditch the thoughts that we’re failures, ditch what we think other’s think of us.  Just do what we do best.  Love on the ones God has given us. 

If you haven’t seen Mom’s Night Out yet, grab some girlfriends and check out where it is playing where you live.  You’re in for a fun night out 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mom’s Day Out to see Mom’s Night Out

  1. This movie looks like a lot of fun and perfect for a ladies night out. I think my sister, my own mom, and myself could all stand to hear the message that we're good enough!

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