Mixify Tour Brings Message of Balance to Dallas Teens

scooI have a 19 year old daughter and she’s got a pretty good head on her shoulders, but I know that when it comes to her eating habits she is seriously off kilter.  When you add in the fact that she prefers other activities to exercising, you know that the ‘Freshman 15’ got her last year.  While she’s been home for the summer I’ve been trying (once again) to instill better food choice habits, so that when she goes back to school next week she won’t do a repeat of last year when it comes to her food and beverage choices.mixify-dallasAs a parent, I know that our teens will listen to others a lot of times before they’ll listen to us 😉  So I’m really excited about Mixify.  Mixify is a first-of-its-kind multi-year, national program launched last September by the American Beverage Association (ABA), The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Pepsico to engage teens through the communications channels they use every day in ways that fit easily into their lives.  Developed with input from moms and teens, the program is focused on supporting parents’ efforts to educate their teens about balance in authentic, interesting and engaging ways.

More than 150 teens from across Dallas gathered at Klyde Warren Park on August 7th, 2015 as part of the Mixify Tour.  The tour hosts a series of events around the country with fun activities, demonstrations, tips and tools, music, and giveaways — all designed to educate teens about the importance of balancing what they eat and drink with what they do.rvA56NC4SZk610GWBN25kKRH8gQ0en9RH310cGOw46o,T5Oe1oQFGiIrOoJcPSbMbYrzw-lSAXWwp06mX6f3unw,gs_3Sr6sT3XZQkxoNuPSrPv7qRshhHv-erVpZqrWsWw

“Dallas parents and their teens are busier than ever before, and finding balance—especially when it comes to diet and exercise—can be a challenge.  That’s why we’re proud to step up and do our part to help support them in a new and unique way with this groundbreaking joint effort from America’s leading beverage companies,” said Susan Neely, American Beverage Association (ABA) president and CEO. “Mixify encourages teens to be thoughtful about the calories they’re consuming—including from beverages—and to be active. We know moms work to achieve this for their families every day and we’re taking this message on the road as one way to provide support for their efforts.”

CG_xqOycJhp_hpV4G-cNuXYuxQpOCq4LNEOfN2sPNl4,mhQd8Jo2gJ8PUlMsSd1MhnpgKl1nw8NU2p6QAcKHsfgThe new Mixify Tour is taking that message of balance on the road with a 25-foot food truck re-purposed into a traveling balance billboard. The truck serves as the center of an event providing activities to demonstrate the importance of balancing “eat, drink & do,” access to experts like fitness instructors to answer questions about balance, group fitness classes, music and ways for teens to share their balance mixes through social media.


For additional information about Mixify or the Mixify Tour including future dates and cities, visit www.mymixify.com. Mixify is part of the Balance Calories Initiative. More information can be found at deliveringchoices.org.

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