Master Lock Precision Dial Padlock Giveaway

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Master Lock Precision Dial

I remember the first padlock I had to use in school, it was seventh grade – and I was fortunate enough to have an easy combination to remember.  22 – 11- 22 (see I still remember it over 25 years later!)

However, I wasn’t as fortunate other school years, where the combinations seemed much more difficult for me to remember, and I remember going to the office on more than one occasion to get the combination from the school secretary so that I could get my stuff!  Now, Master Lock has a new padlock that makes it easy to remember your combination and keep your things safe.

The Precision Dial Padlocks are great.  With a few letters and numbers you can have a secure combination, that is easy to remember.

0 – 9 and ten letters make up the face.  The rotating dial moves smoothly and clicks into place so there’s no guessing whether you’ve actually ‘hit upon’ the right number in your combination.  The lock comes set with a combination, but the package includes instructions on how to change it if you want.

The lock comes in bright colors as well as black, and they have a special set designed for Breast Cancer Awareness as well.

You can find these locks and more on their website or you can connect with Master Lock on Facebook.

A sample of this product was provided for review from Master Lock.

Master Lock is giving a Precision Dial Padlock to one of my readers (arv $10.95)

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