Lumineux Oral Care: A Brighter Approach to Oral Health

Maintaining excellent oral health is a priority for most of us, and Lumineux Oral Care offers a unique and refreshing approach to achieving a brighter, healthier smile.

One of the standout features of Lumineux Oral Care is its commitment to natural, non-toxic ingredients. Unlike many conventional oral care products that contain harsh chemicals and additives, Lumineux utilizes organic ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oils, which are not only effective but also gentle on your mouth. This commitment to natural ingredients makes Lumineux a suitable option for individuals with sensitive gums and those who are looking to avoid synthetic chemicals in their oral care routine.  Their patented formula of all natural ingredients are backed by more than 60 scientific studies.

Lumineux offers a range of products to address various oral care needs. Their whitening toothpaste and oral rinse are particularly impressive. Their products are free of things like hydrogen peroxide (which can break down enamel while whitening teeth) and they instead use ingredients like Dead Sea salt to naturally brighten teeth without causing sensitivity. Users can expect gradual, steady results without the harsh bleaching effects often associated with traditional whitening products.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away, I’m a heavy coffee drinker and have never used any whitening strips or the like (besides “major brand whitening” toothpaste) and it took me about a month to see a difference.

One thing I will note is if you want to see the most significant results you should use all the products in conjunction with each other.  I was using the toothpaste daily and the mouthwash a few of times the first two weeks, then stepped it up and added the Bright Pen as well.  In full disclosure I haven’t used the Whitening Strips yet because life has a way of throwing curve balls and I just haven’t had the margin in my time to try them yet.  While the pictures may not seem significant the first and third picture were taken about 1 month apart, with the middle one being about midway.  In person one can definitely tell my teeth appear less stained and look whiter than they did a month ago.

The freshness and cleanliness of your mouth are also well-maintained by Lumineux’s products. Their mouthwash effectively combats bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed without the burning sensation associated with alcohol-based mouthwashes.  Dare I say that I wake up with a less nasty mouth feel since using it 😉 !

The Bright Pen does two things very well; it helps protect your teeth against stains AND it whitens them. Brush on before you drink coffee, tea or red wine to help protect against staining, leave it on for 30 minutes for whiter teeth, without the sensitivity. It’s easy to take on the go for when you want to look your best (job interview, first date, family photos, etc. 😉 ). Bright Pen is so easy to use (as you’ll see below!)

While Lumineux Oral Care products may be somewhat pricier compared to conventional oral care brands, the quality of ingredients and the eco-friendly approach are well worth the investment. The long-term benefits of maintaining excellent oral health and the peace of mind that comes with using natural products certainly justify the cost.  I have to say even if I didn’t see any change in the whiteness of my teeth, my mouth definitely feels cleaner after using Lumineux.

They offer a compelling alternative to most other oral care products. With its natural ingredients, effective results, and dedication to sustainability, it’s a brand that not only promotes a brighter smile but also a brighter future for our planet.

If you’re in search of a holistic and eco-friendly approach to oral health, Lumineux Oral Care is certainly worth considering. It is the first Microbiome Safe® and certified non-toxic oral care company in the world and is available at Amazon (best seller), Whole Foods, Walmart and Target.

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