Think about how your first teddy bear made you feel.  Or the first bear you gave your child.  At Build-A-Bear Workshop, they believe bears can change the world and create a feeling of love.  They remind us of when we were children, can cheer someone up, say “Thank you,” “Congratulations,” or simply, “Thinking of you!”

They want to help to spread even more smiles so I was asked to join them in their Love.Hugs.Smiles. movement.  I receved a complete box of Smile Supplies that included the tools I needed to make someone smile.

The kit included:

• 2 Lil’ Honeycomb Cub furry friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop
• 2 Official Build-A-Bear Workshop Cub Condos

First I needed how to decide how I was going to spread smiles with my smile supplies.  I was given the choice to keep one of the animals and give one away to create a smile, or to give both away.  I decided to give both away, as Amber has a whole container full of stuffed animals. 

Then I decided that she should actually give them away too!  She helps every other month at the Salvation Army making and serving dinner.  We thought it would be a good place to share a smile with a couple of the kids who came with their families for dinner last weekend.

As you can see there were smiles a plenty!

While sharing smiles is great fun to do with Build-A-Bear, there are other ways you can share a smile during your day with other who cross your path; pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru, offer to carry out someone’s groceries from the store, drop a thank you card in the mail for someone who teaches your child throughout the year, buy a cup of lemon-aid from every stand you drive buy!

For more information about Build-A-Bear Workshop, please visit

“I was chosen to receive two Build-A-Bear Workshop bears to givea away as a part of the Love.Hugs.Smiles. movement.  You too can share smiles by visiting”

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  1. Build a bears are a great way to spread smiles. I have had my drive thru order paid for by the guy ahead of me a couple of times before…its really awesome!

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