Look Up At the Sky Tonight There Will Be a Harvest Moon, Teach Your Kids Using Halloween OREOS

The harvest moon is a special occurrence, did you know that it is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox?

If you want to do something fun (and tasty) with your kids, grab a package of Halloween OREOS and let them create the phases of the moon, of course today….ending in the Harvest Moon (which is why the Halloween ones are so perfect for this activity!).

It’s simple to do, you just need 7 OREOS per child, and a blunt object (like a butter spreader, popsicle stick, plastic knife that’s not very sharp).

Be prepared to be eating lots of crumbs because the first thing you need to do is separate all the cookies, so the cream is showing on each. This could take a try or two or three, resulting in Mom having to eat some of the broken pieces (sorry Mom, I know it’s a burden…).

Then have your children scrape off the icing to show the different moon phases, naturally there will be some licking involved to keep the instrument used for scraping clean. Be sure to take a picture when they’re done, because this is a project that is fully edible, and I’m pretty sure your kids are going to want to eat their moons when they’re done!

Here are the different phases:

harvest moon

Have fun tonight viewing the beautiful Harvest Moon with your family!

I received samples from Kraft Foods all opinions are my own.

Submitted by: Tammy Litke

4 thoughts on “Look Up At the Sky Tonight There Will Be a Harvest Moon, Teach Your Kids Using Halloween OREOS

  1. This is super cute and FABULOUS! I'm going out and buying me a pack right now. Great entertainment (educational of course) for on our way home from San Diego this evening. (Thank goodness Sea World closes early now!)

  2. Perfect timing. My son is doing a 14 day moon observation log right now! I love any excuse to have to buy oreos.

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