Levenger PurseN Organizer Review

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I try to keep my home neat and organized most of the time.  But my purse…that’s a whole other matter.  It’s a mess.  Old coupons, movie tickets, and lipsticks are all over that black hole.  I end up losing gift cards, pens and buisness cards in its depths.  And it never fails, even when I switch purses and clean it up, it doesn’t take long at all for it to start looking like a tornado went through it.

I was sent the PurseN Organizer from Levenger to review.  As soon as I saw this handbag organizer insert, I knew that this was going to solve my messy purse situation.   This particular PurseN Organizer is a small size for small to medium handbags.  The minimum handbag size to put it in would be 10″ W x 7″ H x 3″ D. 

The PurseN Organizer has large front and back pockets, a large zippered compartment, multi-purpose elastic expandable end pockets, a pen holder and a large center compartment for other essentials, like your wallet, checkbook and/or makeup bag.

Two really great features of the PurseN Organizer though are that it has duo side & bottom zipper expansions that increase the insert size up to 6 inches, and it has actual handles that allow you to easily transfer the insert from one handbag to another.

The PurseN Organizer has allowed me to have a functional purse again.  I love that it is lightweight and the outer covering can be easily wiped down should it get dirty.  This would make a wonderful gift for someone for the holidays, especially the woman who changes handbags a lot. 

You can get the PurseN Organizer on Levenger as well as other great quality products.

You can connect with Levenger on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as subscribe to their YouTube Channel, for all the latest news and promotions.

Do you need an organizing intervention for your handbag?

22 thoughts on “Levenger PurseN Organizer Review

  1. I have the same problem!! I usually take what I want out of the old purse and just leave the junk inside to find at another date.

  2. I carry a small purse, so I don't carry much in it. I can see where that would come in handy for a lot of other people.

  3. I need to get something like this. Lately I've been just using baby's diaper bag but that's really getting so unorganized with my extra bulk!

  4. I could definitely use one thing like this! I am always losing things in my purse. You can never have too many pockets!

  5. I have to use a purse organizer like this one or I will NEVER be able to find what I need in there. I used to stand in parking lots for 5 minutes digging for my car keys – which is totally not safe if you are alone!

  6. My purse is large and always seems to be a bottomless pit. This organizer seems like exactly what I need and it satisfies my OCD!

  7. I just bought a huge Coach tote bag (ordered it online, and it's a bit bigger than I thought, even), with lots of pockets, so I should be able to find everything now. I wish I'd seen this first, though.

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