Levana Baby Monitor

Having a new baby in the house is both exciting and a bit terrifying.  The new bundle of joy is simply adorable, but leaving him alone in his crib, bassinet, or swing can cause anxiety in even the most seasoned parents!  Video baby monitors are the perfect way to give new parents peace of mind while their baby is asleep.  The Levana Sophia™ Video Baby Monitor has many unique features that are parent and baby-friendly.

Levana sent a review sample of the Sophia™ Video Baby Monitor for me to try with my newborn, and I was thrilled to test it out. While he is my fifth child, I still worry about the well being of my new baby when I am not in the room with him. The video monitor has come in handy when my older children want to play outside and the baby is still asleep in his swing or bed. Now, I can monitor him easily and have more freedom to do other activities while he’s safely tucked in and sleeping.

To use, I simply positioned the camera about 3-5 feet away from where he sleeps and took the monitor with me, up to 500 feet away, thanks to the 500ft ClearVu® digital signal.  This is a private, interference-free signal that is only viewable by me on the 2.4″ screen.  The battery life on the monitor is good for a continuous 6 hours, so there were no worries about it quitting in the middle of our play time outside.

Another feature that I enjoyed using was the Talk to Baby™ Two-Way Intercom. When he would fuss, I was able to calm him with my shushing while I was on the way back to his room.  This also came in handy when his 2 year old brother wandered into the room.  I was able to tell him to get out of there and leave the baby alone.  While hearing my voice startled my 2 year old, it didn’t disturb the baby at all since he was sound asleep.

Other notable features of the Sophia™ Video Baby Monitor include:

  • PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) Mode – This sets the monitor and camera to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery, which saves hours of battery life. The second the baby makes a “peep”, the camera and monitor activate.
  • Temperature Monitor – The camera is equipped with a thermometer to help you monitor the temperature in your baby’s room to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Adjustable Brightness – Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, your monitor’s screen can be adjusted so you can always have the best view of your baby.
  • Nightlight Option – You can turn the light on the camera off or on from the monitor, so the gentle light can be controlled without entering the baby’s room.
  • LED Volume Indicator – The sounds in the nursery are color-coded along the top of the monitor, above the display screen. Green indicates typical room noise. Cries or other noise from the baby will light the monitor up from yellow to orange to red, depending on the volume of the sounds.
  • Battery-Operated Camera – You’re no longer bound by cords and outlets! This camera can be entirely run on battery power (four AAA batteries, not included) or with the included power adapter.
  • Night Vision – The camera features 15 feet of night vision, making it easy to keep an eye on your little one no matter what time it is.

I’ve enjoyed using this product with my son.  It has given me a thorough sense of security that other systems haven’t been able to provide.  I love that I can monitor not only his actual sounds, but that I am now able to watch him, check on the temperature in the room, talk to him, turn on a nightlight for him, and keep an eye on him when his room is dark.  These all-in-one features are convenient and very easy to use right out of the box.

The Sophia™ Video Baby Monitor retails for just $79.99 for the monitor and one camera. The system can be expanded to include up to 4 cameras for multiple sleep spaces or children. If you’re researching monitors for your family, be sure to check out the Levana website. They have a full line of products, including audio, video, and movement monitors.

Jennifer Land blogs over at Jenns RAQ.  She’s a homeschooling mom to five and advocates for healthy lifestyles.  Birth and babies are near and dear to her! And she loves more ‘natural’ or ‘green’ things.  Go stop by her blog to read more about her!

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