I’m all about making things personalized and MINE.  Whether that’s through having my name embroidered on a tote bag or putting my favorite cartoon character on a phone case, I want my things to be unique and reflect my personality.  

Kidecals are delightfully versatile, crazy durable labels and stickers.  While traditionally we think of putting labels on things for school, they really can be used for all kinds of things.  We’ve recovered a misplaced Nintendo DS on a cruise ship because of a label, and I always label my food containers when I bring them to gatherings, because I’m notorious for leaving them behind.

The labels from Kidecals are both removable and washable.  That’s music to a parent’s ear.  But Kidecals offers more than just traditional name labels.  They sent me a couple of items for review and they are such fun products!

One of the items I received are the Chalkboard Labels. There are so many ways to DIY with chalkboard labels. Use them for labeling bulk foods in your pantry, dishes at a dinner party, and organizing your closet or office.  They come in a set of 12 for $10 and that includes 6 three inch and 6 four inch labels.

A quick swipe with a damp cloth and buff it dry and it’s ready for use again.  They are easily removed from the surface and don’t leave a sticky residue behind.

You can even use them to dress up a gift!

I can’t get over though how much I love the next product I received; the Don’t Mess With Texas Keycals.   These are created for Mac (Apple) keyboards only. Printed on premium quality removable vinyl with a non-residue acrylic adhesive that’s ideal for delicate surfaces. Easily removable and won’t harm keys. These particular ones are $16.00 for the set, but they have sale ones as low as $10.00 and in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

I put the stickers on my wireless Apple keyboard that I use with my iPad.

The stickers were a little tedious to put on, but oh so worth it in the end.

I love that I can show off my Texas Pride with it, and I really want another set to use on my iMac keyboard!  The Keycals are so fun and really allow you to show your personality while using your computer or tablet.

Another plus is Kidecals always offers free shipping on your order.  Check out all they have to offer at  Which of their labels/stickers do you like the best?

13 thoughts on “Kidecals

  1. the chalkboard labels are so neat! We have some with my daughter's name and my contact info on it for her clothes & school items.

  2. I love the keyboard stickers! I can see how it would be tedious, sticking those all on. I can't wait to see all the options on their site.

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