Kaplan Test Prep SAT Course Review Part 4 ~ Practice, Test, Results

Amber’s Experience (High School Junior):

While Kaplan’s SAT Test Prep sounds like an awesome course, I’m sure some of you are curious if it actually helps to improve scores. Well, from personal experience I can say that it definitely does. I’m aiming to get the National Merit Scholarship, so getting a good score on the PSAT and SAT alike is a necessity. I’ve been using the Kaptest program as a way to do in depth study before Test Day comes around.

I took my first practice test a few days after starting the program, and only ended up with a 1730. It was disappointing for sure, but I picked up where I left off on my Kaptest lessons. I went through a lot of them over the few weeks before I took another practice test, and the tips and strategies I learned helped me bump my score up to 1910.

Still not satisfied, I went back to the program and kept plugging away at the practices. There are so many things you can do to give yourself more time for tough problems and ways to make those tough problems easier–going through all the sections is a must! I haven’t finished them all yet, but I took another practice test after two or so weeks and had made it up to 2110.

As you can see, if you take the lessons that Kaplan provides and actually use them, you can improve your score! Personally, I’m going to finish off all the practices and see if I can get even higher.

Parent perspective:

The On Demand SAT Prep Course is $299 or 3 installments of $99.67. It seems pretty pricey, but if your child has their eye on a specific college/university or a scholarship, the course may pay for itself multiple times over if they can improve their score using it. It’s an award winning course, that’s convenient because it’s all done online and you can access it at anytime day or night. Top-rated teachers prep the student allowing them to go at their own pace. It includes 4 proctored tests, 50+ hours of instruction and a money back guarantee. Learn more at Kaptest.com.

We’ll be sure to update you all when Amber gets her PSAT score results back and let you know if Kaplan On Demand SAT Test Prep got her in the ranks of National Merit Scholars.

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* We received complimentary enrollment into the Kaplan Test Prep SAT On Demand Course for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.