Join CiCi’s for a Slice of Stuffed Crust Heaven

Last week I had a chance to go to a blogger event at Cici’s Pizza to check out their new unlimited Stuffed Crust Pizza on the buffet and their newest star the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza.  My thanks to CiCi’s for the swag we also got and for donating the gift card for the giveaway below!

I can really sum up the morning in three little letters…Yum!  We definitely got our pizza fix in, and for just $5 and change you can get your fill of a little slice of heaven too.  If you remember last year I blogged about how Cici’s was committed to making their pizzas better for their customers after listening to their feedback.  Well the improved quality has definitely been noticed and now Cici’s is kicking it up a notch again.CKhrQ3NVAAAvgkYUsually when we go to Cici’s Pizza I want to eat my weight in their brownies, but now until August 16, 2015, my dessert of choice is the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza which is inspired by a winning pizza on Food Network Star!Cici's Fiery Mango TangoIt is simply an amazing dessert of complimentary flavors.  A sweet, tropical blend of pineapple and mango with a jalapeno kick, on a cinnamon sugar crust and topped with cream cheese icing.Fiery Mango TangoI was actually surprised at how much I liked it, since I’m not a fan of jalapenos.Stuffed Crust Pizza Cici'sI think the best pizza I have ever tasted at Cici’s Pizza though has got to be the new Stuffed Crust Pizza.  100% real cheese is baked right inside a handmade garlic butter crust and topped with 20 slices of pepperoni, so each of the ten slices get the full effect of the delicious flavors.

We had a great time making a Stuffed Crust Pizza ourselves. Mine didn’t look perfect, but I was still pretty proud of it.  It tasted awesome, and that’s really what’s most important, right?!

The stuffed crust is so, so good!  It’s all made from scratch dough.  The crust is topped with the perfect amount of sauce, cheese, pepperoni and seasoning, and then it is baked to perfection.  There is cheesiness baked into every bite.  No need to limit the kids (or yourself!) to just 2 pieces since it’s unlimited on the buffet!

But it’s only at Cici’s Pizza until October 25, 2015 so if you haven’t been there in a while, you might need to hit it up soon 🙂  Both the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza and the Stuffed Crust Pizza are mighty good.

You can learn more at and find out where your nearest location is at #CicisMangoTango

AND we are giving away a $25 gift card so you can try the stuffed crust pizza for yourself!


One reader will win a $25 CiCi’s Gift Card.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE : This giveaway is open only to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. No PO Boxes. Giveaway ends 11:59:59 PM (CST) ON 08/06/15.PRIZE : (1) Grand Prize consisting of a $25 CiCi’s Gift Card. By entering the giveaway you agree to the rules here and agree to have your name or likeness announced as a winner.VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

102 thoughts on “Join CiCi’s for a Slice of Stuffed Crust Heaven

  1. I like to, what I call, ‘overcook’ on the weekends (crock pot dishes, soups, casseroles, bbq, chili, etc.). Making a big quantity of a few dishes, then freeze it into ‘tv dinners’. After a while there is a good variety in the freezer and dinner is just a push of a microwave button. If I do cook during the week, I will cook double and then freeze the unused portions for later use too. Makes the whole week no-hassle.

  2. I try to get at least a weeks worth of food for meals on the weekend so i will have enough for the next week, and wont be so stressed.

  3. I sometimes use the crockpot and just throw something in their with seasoning or sauce in the morning and let it simmer all day

  4. One night a week everyone can choose their own dinner and make it from leftovers, quick meals, sandwiches, salads, or breakfast. It’s fun and quick and less stress.

  5. I try to prep most of our food on weekends, so I just have to heat up/cook during the week.

  6. You can make your meals on the weekends and just heat them back up or put them in the crock pot during the more hectic times

  7. I like to make the double amount of food so there is left overs for another night.

  8. I cook in advance. For example, this morning I grilled black & bleu burgers and marinated chicken before 9am. I beat the Texas heat as is my patio has direct southern exposure and we will get 3 meals from this am grilling. Also, prepared pasta salad while I was grilling.

  9. Ordering out is the best way to reduce stress. Plus, because we eat out so infrequently, our kids feel like restaurant food is a special treat.

  10. less stress and more orginized I pre make things for the week so I don’t have to worry about dinner

  11. I try to plan meals ahead of time and have kids books ready the night before school.

  12. I freeze leftovers by placing them in single servings and reserving them when I am stress for time.

  13. I like to have a meal plan in place so I can offer my family quick, healthy and filling dinner ideas on especially busy days.

  14. I like to do crock pot meals a couple times a week. Throw everything in the crock pot in athe morning and a nice stress free easy meal when we get home.

  15. I use ready-made entrees like rotisserie chickens that I can just chop up for instant meals!

  16. I make my meals ahead of time and freeze what I can so all I have to do is turn the crock pot on and we are good to go!!

  17. I am a master planner! I try to do most prep work on the weekends, that way dinner is so much easier during the week. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  18. I try to plan during the weekend for the week ahead and get in everything food wise I might need for meals during the upcoming week.

  19. I try to reduce meal stress by making a few larger meals during the week so there are a couple nights of leftovers which can be heated up quickly.

  20. A good idea is to cook up a bunch of hamburger meat, and freeze in 1 lb packages. Voila! Ready for use later in spaghetti, tacos, etc. This is also good to do with chicken. Cook, cut into cubes & freeze for cassaroles later…

  21. I plan my meals out during the weekend, or when I go grocery shopping, this way I don’t buy extra code that will simply expire in my fridge.

  22. I like to cook ahead and freeze meals ahead of time.
    {also, one of my friends was JUST talking about Cici’s new mango pizza! There’s a Cici’s near our fave movie theater around here.}

  23. I usually do a lot of crock pot cooking…so I can get dinner going when the kids are in school, and it’s ready when we’re through with after-school activities & hubby comes home from work!

  24. We have a make your own dinner night (as long as it’s reasonable) so everyone prepares and cleans up there own meal and gets what they want. It’s fun, I get help with preparation and cleanup, and sometimes I have breakfast!

  25. I try to make as many freezer meals as I can over the weekend. Then I make a meal plan complete with grocery list for the other days of the week.

  26. My husband and I team up with him cooking the meat on the grill and me handling the side dishes. Then we clean up together. It really relieves the stress.

  27. I would cook meals on the weekends and freeze them for the following week. I also use my crockpot a lot. It’s so easy, and everything tastes so good.

  28. I usually make big meals on the weekend, and then have letovers throughout the week when life is stressful and we don’t feel like cooking. Sometimes we order pizza too!

  29. I cook & cut up veggies & fruits on the weekend for the week, have sandwiches, sometimes pizza, & have others to help out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I like to plan ahead and decide what I’m going to make for the entire week and making things according to what is in the schedule for the week.

  31. I use my meal card at the hospital during my shift for lunch and I prepare things during the weekend for Mon/Tues and use the crockpot on some of the other days!

  32. I cook on weekends for the whole week or I eat out and then there aren’t even any dishes to wash!

  33. Before the week starts I plan out each day and dinner and get all the shopping done. It just runs smoother that way.

  34. To help make things easier, I clean & prep veggies & fruits & shred cheese on the weekend. Then I do a lot of crockpot meals during the week.

  35. I do the giveaways it helps to give me something fun to do and when I win the kids just love it.

  36. I try to keep freezer meals on hand! I find it helps reduce a lot of stressful situations.

  37. I use the crock pot to prepare several meals during the week to reduce the stress.

  38. This sounds terrible, but some nights are just Subway nights! When nothing in the day has gone right and we are way behind schedule, Subway is less than a mile from my house.

  39. To reduce stress I always try to make more so we have left overs so we can freeze some for later meals.

  40. I try to make meals on the weekends that have enough leftovers to carry through the rest of the week.

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