Jamberry Nails – Katniss “Girl On Fire” Inspired Manicure

I’ve been waiting a whole year for a movie that’s going to be released in one week.  It’s kind of crazy that I’m so excited, I mean, it’s just a movie.  But all of you that got immersed into the world of The Hunger Games, probably understand my feelings!

And I’m going to Mocking Jay, Part 1 next weekend with a manicure inspired by Katniss’ “Girl on Fire” look thanks to the nail wraps Mandi Welbaum an independent Jamberry Nails consultant sent me to try out.

Jamberry Nails are one of the hottest ways to get yourself a ‘fancy’ manicure.  They have an enormous selection of patterns, colors and finishes to choose from.  If you drool over intricate nail art, but aren’t proficient enough to pull that off, Jamberry Nails might end up being your thing.

Jamberry Nails are actually vinyl (they’re something like a sticker) and are non-toxic, which is great to note because they also sell a junior size for children’s nails.  Each “sheet” comes with two sets, which you cut in half giving you four ‘strips.’  2 sheets could essentially give you up to 4 manicures (2 for finger nails, 2 for toe nails).

Catch Fire and Gold Sparkle

I’m going to admit there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to applying the nail wraps though.  They do try to make it as easy as possible so there is some pre-prep products you can purchase like this nail kit.

Essentially what you’ll do is prep your nails with the instructions given.  Then cut the strips in half down the middle.  Say what?  That’s right each strip is going to give you multiple manicures!

Decide on the nail wrap that will best fit each individual nail.  Remove the wrap from the strip and heat the adhesive side with a hair dryer to make it more flexible.

Then apply it to your nail and use pressure to ensure a good bonding and to smooth the wrap out.  Trim the excess wrap, file it down and then apply some more heat while pressing the wrap down a bit again to reinforce the bond. 

So I didn’t do a great job on my first try or second for that matter, but practice makes perfect…right?

Finding the right size to fit the nail may be a little tough if you have smaller nails like I do.  I found the smallest sizes wouldn’t cover my whole nail beds, but the larger ones extended too far beyond them (as you can see on the gold nail).  I think with my petite hands the Junior sizes are probably a better fit.  That being said, after I remove this manicure and do another one with the wraps I still have (because I know I can get at least 3 more manicures out of the sheets Mandi sent me despite the fact that I botched a few nails up initially).  

After getting frustrated I did a few online searches and I used a tip I read on using scotch tape to trace a template of your nail to cut out on the nail wraps to get a more custom fit.  That seemed to work best for me.

I also have ridges on my nails because of a condition that I have called Raynaud’s.  That made it a bit difficult to get the Jamberry Nails completely smoothed out, but that’s just a personal issue 🙂

Regardless of the initial problems I had putting them on (especially on my right hand, since I am right handed), these look SO nice in person.

I thought I’d love the ‘Catch Fire’ design more, but honestly I love the Glitter Gold ones best.  I’m going to keep this set on until they come off or until just before Thanksgiving and then give it a whirl again with the tape templates, because I think the colors are so fun for that holiday too.

If you are interested in trying them out, Mandi is offering a free sample for you all, plus there are some great deals (buy 3 sheets get one free).

They are $15 a sheet, not including shipping or tax, so if you get 4 sheets with one of them being free and can get 8 manicures out of that, if my math is correct that could be as low as $5.63 a manicure.

If you’re looking to have some festive holiday nail patterns or want to fill the stockings of some ladies (young or old) that’s an affordable way to do it, and because Jamberry Nails come in a flat package they slip right into a card too. So think thank you gifts for teachers or easy presents to mail to family and friends in other states or countries that won’t cost a lot of postage.  You can visit Mandi’s site here, or check out her Facebook page.

Mandi has also offered to run an online party for me, so let me know if you’d have any interest in attending one, if I can get some dates worked out before the holiday rush and enough people are interested I’ll let her know.  It can always be in the New Year too!

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