It’s National Hot Dog Day ! Is It Time for a Wienervention?

Do you eat hot dogs that contain any of these ingredients?

* Sodium Nitrate
* Sodium Diacetate
* Sodium Erythorbate
* Mechanically Separated Meat
* Hooves

And is your motto “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” when it comes to hot dog ingredients?

If so then it may be time for a wienervention!

Applegate Hot Dogs contain only Beef, Water, Salt & Spices and the meat comes from animals that are humanely raised without antibiotics and hormones — and they are really tasty!

And we’re celebrating National Hot Dog day today with the cleaner wiener from Applegate.

A new survey finds that while 92% of Americans bought hot dogs in the last year, 80% agreed that most hot dogs are low quality and unhealthy!  This is the first time our family has tried Applegate Hot Dogs, although we are no stranger to their deli meats.  I usually try to buy all beef hot dogs, but I’ll admit that I rarely look at the ingredient label to see what else is included in the hot dogs.   

Pairing the Applegate Hot Dogs with other natural and organic foods from brands like Rudi’s, Annie’s Homegrown and Rick’s Pick’s (buns and condiments) and serving natural iced tea and whole grain chips on the side – we had a delicious and guilt-free grilled meal!

Any product or brand can bill themselves to be tasty – but really individual tastebuds have the reigning vote.  And since some of the pickiest tastebuds live in my household, it was with anticipation I waited to hear what they had to say when they took their first bite.

My husband didn’t even wait that long, as he was grilling he commented on how great they smelled while on the grill!

He gave them two thumbs up which is a testament to Applegate because he’s probably pickier than my child.  Amber noticed they tasted different than the hot dogs we usually eat, and mentioned that.  I told her that was probably because she was actually tasting the hot dog and not any fillers 😉

Applegate wants to be your “Meatiator” in your “Wienervention”.  So join the conversation online!  Tweet or post photos with the hashtag #wienervention and be entered to win a year supply of their cleaner wieners!  Go here for the official rules:

Learn more about Applegate Organic & Natural Meats at

15 thoughts on “It’s National Hot Dog Day ! Is It Time for a Wienervention?

  1. I'm pretty sure this is the brand of hot dogs my friend brought to my house when I was sitting her kids. They were delicious! I can only eat all beef hot dogs. Those mixture kinds give me an instant headache!

  2. I'm not familiar with this brand but going to check now and see if they're sold in my area! We love hotdogs and I'd love to eat them healthily.

  3. I've never had these before but I'm definitely going to check them out! Do you know where to purchase them? As we're going to be grilling this weekend and these would be the perfect addition to our grill.

  4. Thanks, Tammy! You rock! I've found 3 stores near me that sells them. I'll be picking up some tomorrow.

  5. I have heard of the Applegate brand before but haven't really noticed it in grocery stores. I would love to try their products instead of my usual turkey dogs!

  6. What a great option for hotdogs. We love to cook them at our BBQ and it would be great not to have to worry about what is in them. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I try to eat healthy so I avoid hot dogs when I can but nothing is better than a hot dog at a ball game.

  8. My kids love hot dogs, but I always felt sort of guilty about serving them. There was no way I was going to eat them myself, so why was I giving them to my kids? These, however, sound so much better! I can give my kids a food they enjoy & not feel guilty about it!

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