Invisible Glass Wiper Blades Review

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We have had what seems like SO much rain this year. After a long cold winter we were hoping for really nice weather come spring, and summer but every other day it just rains! The advent of all this rain though reminded us of how poorly our windshield wipers perform when we’re out and about in my CR-V. So when Stoner Invisible Glass agreed to a review of their new Wiper Blades, I was very excited to say the least, I’ve used their great products before and I couldn’t wait to try the blades out.

About Invisible Glass (taken from website):

NEW Invisible Glass windshield wiper blades will make your windshield INVISIBLE! Enjoy a better view, and safer driving, with these high performance wiper blades.

Three different types let you choose between good, better, and best depending on your performance, styling, and budget requirements. All give you invisible windshield clarity, a smooth wipe, and we GUARANTEE you’ll love them or your money back! Learn more by visiting our website.

Invisible Glass wiper blades are easy to install.

Our Thoughts:

Take a peek at these two videos. The first one is our old windshield wipers. They didn’t do a great job, you can see just in the driver’s left side of the windshield that it leaves a patch of water with each sweep across. You’ll also notice how noisy it is. (Please excuse my husband, he didn’t realize I was already taping!)

The second video is with the NEW – Stoner Invisible Glass Wiper Blades installed. They do an excellent job getting all the water off the windshield leaving no streaks or “puddles” behind. You can also tell the difference on how quiet they are.

The Invisible Glass Wiper Blades that we were sent were the Best variety. What’s really nice about the Best blades is that each one comes with a replacement blade as well.

Combining the use of the wiper blades with the Invisible Glass with rain repellent and you have an amazing clear windshield. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to see out of it when driving in rain.

My husband was so impressed by them, he’s planning on ordering a set for his car.

While it might be a little late to get them in time for Father’s Day, I’m sure Dad will still smile if they arrive a few days later. Stoner Invisible Glass Wiper Blades will make his driving experience better in the rain. I also highly recommend the other products available from Invisible Glass.

You can purchase the Invisible Glass Wiper Blades in Good, Better and Best starting from $9.50 each, when you purchased two you get free shipping.

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the products mentioned above complementary for this review.