I Love Meatballs

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Meatballs!  I ’em.

I made the most delicious meatballs for dinner from a recipe from the new book by Rick Rodgers that is being published and released on October 4, 2011, by Andrews McMeel called incidentally “I Love Meatballs“.  Tasty!  I’m not one for following recipes but for the Grilled-Cheese Stuffed Meatballs I did.  They were, in a word…delicious.

It’s the all-American cheeseburger, transformed into a meatball!

Since I ‘borrowed’ this book from Netgalley thanks to the publisher, I won’t share the recipe as a courtesy to them, but I will share some photos I took while making them.  The recipe was pretty easy to follow, the next time I made them (and I now make them often), I cut the cheese cubes smaller, because they started leaking out of the ground beef covering when baking.

As you can see, we ate them with spaghetti.  It was quite the yummy and satisfying dinner.

The recipe makes a dozen meatballs, they end up quite large after you wrap the beef around the cheese cube when they’re cut at 1/2″, so that’s another reason why I now put less cheese in.

I Love Meatballs has a lot of great meatball recipes, one of which might become a family favorite for you!  The Grilled-Cheese Stuffed Meatballs has become a favorite of our family, and gets asked for frequently in our home.


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  1. I love making my meatballs with ground pork and ground turkey together, and I also add a little sherry to them. I have made them stuffed with mozzarella before; I should do it again. Thanks for the reminder. We will have them that way this week.

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