How About a Cookie for Mom?

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My mother-in-law baked the best cookies.  I don’t know what kind of “magic” ingredient she put in them, but her chocolate chip cookies were delicious.

There was never a time that there weren’t cookies to be had when you visited.  Even with back aches and heart troubles, the grandkids (and grown up kids!) were always treated with cookies and milk when stopping at her home.

I have her recipe, and bake them once in a while, but they just don’t taste the same.  Maybe it’s because “I” actually have to make them?!  Or maybe it’s the memories that go with them, that made them taste so good.

Lucky for me, Shari’s Berries sent me a Mrs. Field’s Mother’s Day Cookie Cake that tastes just like my mother-in-law’s did.  A soft and chewy texture – a nice thick cookie but baked perfectly, and topped with the sweetest icing.

Every mother has to be gifted a cookie like this one Mother’s Day.  For me it isn’t just about my family getting me something I will enjoy that I don’t have to make myself, but also the memories it evokes about a woman whose love for her family impacted generations.

I confess, I would have eaten that whole cookie by myself if there was a way I could have hidden it!

Chocolate Cookies for Mom will show her how much you love her, and give her a great day – I’m pretty sure you will find something at Shari’s Berries that she would like!

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Thank you to Shari’s Berries for sponsoring my post. To learn more about Shari’s Berries and other products, click here. I blog with integrity, and all the opinions in this post were my own.

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