Gomu the Collectible Eraser

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Schoolyard collectible craze.  Every decade has them; marbles, stickers, POGs, Silly Bands – we’ve either heard about them, or particpated in the exchanges ourselves.  The newest one on the pavement is Gomu – collectible erasers.

These are a good idea, because they are functional as well as tradable, and since the purchase price starts at 99¢ for a single package, they are affordable for kids to buy themselves.

With over a 100 different Gomu to collect, from pets, gadgets, music and the zoo, there is a Gomu for whatever you’re into.  Then of course there is always an elusive goal for that rare collectible, thanks to Gomu’s packaging appearance and availability; the result is that consumers take it on faith that they’ll get a different or rare Gomu from what they already have.  But that’s the fun, seeing what’s inside!

It’s a safe bet that if you have to pick up a small token for a kid 6+ for birthday or class parties, rewards for good behavior and/or ‘stuffers’ for holidays – Gomu erasers will go over well with the kids.

I put them in my 8 year old niece’s Easter present among other things, and it was interesting how she liked those the best out of all the treats in the bag.  “I know these, I’ve seen them on TV”, she said.  So don’t underestimate the small stuff .  Kids adore having things to trade with their friends.

For more information on the Gomu please visit www.gomu.com.

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