Household Tips on Flash Cards

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I remember after the “honeymoon” bliss being over, feeling a moment of being completely overwhelmed that I was now ‘responsible’ for keeping our new home and family, fed, clean and organized.

I was just 20 when we got married and thought it would be a miracle if I could pull that off.

But I have an aunt who loves me and put together one of the neatest things for one of my bridal showers, a package of household tips on flash cards, to give me hope and help me conquer those things that now you can probably just find by Googling or going on Pinterest (18 years ago, not so much).

What she did was take those little tips and tricks that you find in magazines, and she wrote them up on the white side of pieces of scrapbook paper, then laminated them, put a hole punch in the corner and strung a ribbon through the hole to keep them all together.

They gave me such a positive perspective and reduced my anxiety over house cleaning and organizing that I became a bit of a ‘clean’ freak because of them!  I used them so much, that years later I started doing the same thing for small Christmas gifts for teachers and volunteers.  They’re also a great way to give steps to teach your children (or husband!) household chores like doing laundry.

Now with online scrapbooking elements and websites where you can create flash cards – free, it makes it even easier for me to put these little packets together.

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