ABC’s Scandal on DVD ~ Give Away

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So this year our usual scheduled DVR programming on ABC only included the show Once Upon A Time.  Which we love.  But a lot of their other shows slipped totally past our radar.

When I was in Kentucky, my friend Tammie who came along with me was watching a show on TV in the hotel room, and I asked her if it was something she regularly watched.  She said yes, and that she really enjoyed it when she got the chance to watch it.  Turns out that show was “Scandal” on ABC, so then I had to see what it was all about.  Of course by that time, I had missed the entire season…

How fortunate for me that it was just released on DVD this past week .  So my husband and I spent a couple of hours the other night watching a few of the episodes.

I think the series finds a lot of its inspiration from real life…which isn’t very hard to find considering it’s about the workings of a crisis manager in Washington, D.C.  Kerry Washington who plays Olivia Pope, the main character in the series, does a great job of portraying a tough and level headed professional, but at the same time she gives Olivia a fragile side that peeks through a bit in certain situations.

As noted above, there’s lots of political shenanigans going on, and her team of lawyers, tech support and investigators work around the clock to hush, shush, bury or leak first, that which is most devastating to their client.

Oh yeah, did I mention that inside track to the White House?  There’s that too, and a little more to Olivia and the President’s relationship then everyone else is aware of.

I’m pretty sure that this show will be on our DVR schedule come fall when the second season airs.  I have my fingers crossed that it will run a few years as I really don’t like getting invested in a show and then have it get canceled!

Also released on the same day is the first season of the ABC series Missing.  While I have not seen that one here’s a synopsis from ABC:

After Becca Winstone’s son disappears while overseas for a summer internship, she takes it upon herself to travel to Europe to track him down. It soon becomes clear that Becca is no ordinary soccer mom, but a former CIA agent deactivated after the devastating death of her husband. If she wants to find her son alive, Becca will have to rely on old friends…and old enemies…thus reopening old wounds. Her resourcefulness, skill and determination will be put to the test – but a mother’s love knows no limits.

If you’re interested in getting the ABC Scandal and Missing TV releases on DVD you can get order them on or get $10.00 off by printing coupons over on, pair that coupon with a sale at Best Buy and you can see the first seasons of Scandal and/or Missing for just $9.99 each!

I received a media copy of The Complete First Season of Scandal on DVD for review purposes.

ABC Prize Pack! One lucky person can win Missing: The Complete First Season, and Scandal: The Complete First Season on DVD.