Homes for Sale ~ No Pool Please!

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I’m headed down to the Dallas/Fort Worth area soon to check it out.  Our daughter is very interested in attending University of Texas Dallas for a BA in Arts and Technology.  The in-state tuition rate is incredibly affordable compared to all the other colleges she’s investigated that offer a degree like that, and so we’re considering relocating. 

We’ve been checking online for houses that are for sale in the area and there is something here in South Dakota we’re just not used to…swimming pools.  Seriously every other house we’ve looked at has a pool.  We don’t want a pool….

Now I see the reasoning, the summers are hot in Texas, and the swimming season long.  But I don’t want a pool in my back yard, and it’s something I just wasn’t anticipating when looking.  It’s funny in a way, we’ll look at a house that has curb appeal, has just the number of bedrooms we’re looking for, a large garage and…oh…it has a pool…sigh. Did I mention I don’t want a pool?!

I’m sure if the degree program was offered at Missouri State University we could find some missouri real estate that fit our needs.  I mean surely the kansas city homes for sale don’t all have a pool in their back yard?  LOL!

So I’m on a house hunting mission, and who knows I just might end up with a home…that has a pool…and I just might like it too!

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1 thought on “Homes for Sale ~ No Pool Please!

  1. A pool would be great for when all your friends come to visit. hahaha I'm with you, NO POOL.

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