Holiday TV Commercials

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We DVR pretty much everything we watch on TV and view it at a later time.  Most always we zip through the commercials and barely watch them.  But I actually enjoy watching commercials during the holiday season, not just because I learn about new products that way, but also because a lot of them can be funny or just plain (in my mind) ridiculous.

During my most sappy moments I can drop a tear at a Hallmark commercial and my husband is known to roll his eyes at the Old Navy commercials, although this year’s ‘puffer’ coat one got a laugh out of him.

I’ve heard Toys R Us is planning on going nostalgic and is actually bringing back some commercials from the 1980’s presumably to entice us parents to get all warm and fuzzy about our childhood Christmases and drop some serious cash for our kids at their stores.

Speaking of serious cash, the commercials that I find unrealistic are the ‘holiday’ car commercials.  You know the ones where the wife wakes up to an expensive SUV in the driveway with a big red bow on the car?

While I’d love it if my husband thought about going to the local Dodge dealer and surprising me with a new Nitro or a Liberty from the Jeep dealer (I’m not picky), somehow I think if he made a major purchase like that without consulting me, he’d be on next year’s ‘naughty’ list!

Do you like the holiday TV commercials, or could you care less about them?  If you do like them which one is your favorite?

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