Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys from Hasbro

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If you’re still out there buying gifts here’s a great idea for a boy.  Hasbro combined Transformers and building blocks to make the ultimate gift for the Building Fanatics.

TRANSFORMERS KRE-O allows builders to construct both the robot and vehicle mode of their favorite Transformers characters with the same set of bricks!

It’s really no wonder that the KRE-O sets are some of Hasbro’s top items this holiday season.

The KRE-O TRANSFORMERS DESTRUCTION SITE DEVASTATOR SET lets the young builders take control of the most feared DECPTICON weapon on Earth!  A simple construction site becomes the scene of the ultimate TRANSFORMERS face-off between AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICON’s secret weapon of destruction, DEVASTATOR.  Offering multiple builds in one, fans can create four construction vehicles including a crane and bulldozer, deconstruct the vehicles to create four different robot figures, or combine all vehicle builds together to form one of the larges and most epic enemies of the AUTOBOT world, the CONSTRUCTION DEVASTATOR character, complete with wrecking ball and spinning auger accessories.  Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.  This building kit retails for $79.99.

So my daughter has never been a ‘girly girl’ and loved putting this kit together one afternoon!  I know it’s going to be a hit when my nephews come to visit too.  It really would make a great gift for a young (or big for that matter) boy this Christmas.

You probably want to stick to the age guidelines on this product unless your child younger than 8 is a master brick builder.  With 590 KRE-O bricks and six unique KREON figures, it’s a challenge to put together.  Frustration may ensue because the kit is well made, meaning the bricks fit together well…meaning if the builder has to take them apart because they put the pieces together wrong you may find the builder getting a little steam out of their ears…just ask my 16 year old daughter, LOL!  The upside, this will keep them occupied with fun for a long time!

So if you have an 8+ year old and they love all things Transformers, this would be great to add to the gifts under the tree.

Hasbro has some other ideas for the boys on your holiday list.

Stocking Stuffers like MARVEL THE AVENGERS 3.75″ HEROES ASSORTMENT.  The Ultimate Super Hero action collection features IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, HULK, BLACK WIDOW and HAWKEYE. These figures are fully articulated, movie accurate, and packed with exciting accessories.  Kids and collectors will want to assemble the whole team from Hasbro’s line of THE AVENGERS 3.75″ Action Figures.

Or how about an ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS Mystery Bag ?  For the ultimate Holiday surprise, pick up ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS Mystery Bags, which offer two figures from the collection in each bag.

For the Movie Buff there is THE AVENGERS HERO MASKS.  Every Super Hero needs an awesome mask!  Now kids (and parents!) can pretend to be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with these Masks based on the blockbuster hit, The Avengers.  Choose from IRON MAN, HULK, THOR AND CAPTAIN AMERICA!

And another great gift idea is THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN HERO FX GLOVE .  They won’t let you stick to walls but kids will feel like SPIDER-MAN when they put on this fun electronic role-play glove.  Sensors in the “web shooting compartment” will sense motion and respond with web shooting sound effects.

Along with the many TRANFORMER KRE-O kits available, Hasbro also makes TRANFORMERS GENERATIONS ACTION FIGURES.  The TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS DELUXE Assortment features Transformers characters and designs from throughout the history of the TRANSFORMERS brand.  The assortment includes OPTIMUS PRIME, JAZZ and SHOCKWAVE.

You can find all of these toys on, as well as at your favorite local retailers.  Prices of some of them begin at under $5!

What kind of toys do your boys like to play with?

Hasbro sent me a media sample to review.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are used in this post. Widgets

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