#HGTV – How Do You #lovehome ? Giveaway

I was contacted directly by HGTV, who thanked me with a branded gift.  They also provided the assets for this post and the giveaway prize.

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Right now home is a little bit of a subjective thing for me.  Is it the walls that surround my living space?  Is it the décor inside those walls?  Is it what reminds me of my childhood?  Is it the people who live there?  Yes to it all.  But as we are in the process of selling this ‘home’ we live in currently, my home has actually become a bit of a love/hate relationship as it were.

I actually do love my home for all the reasons above – but I know it has some flaws I’d like to fix; mostly aesthetic but still…  But as we “house hunt” online for a new home – I’m hating this waiting game we’re enduring by not being able to sell this home we’re living in right now.  See… love/hate.  Things I want to change here (but not for someone else, LOL) – but things I can’t have yet in the houses I’m looking at.  Oh, first world problems, right?!

The word “home” can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  As leaders in home improvement, HGTV wants to dive deeper into the concept of “Home” and find out exactly what this phrase means to YOU.  Maybe home means your city or, your family, your friends, your favorite neighborhood hangout.  It might be more than the numbers on the outside of a structure or the sign at the end of your street.  Home is … well the place you fall in love with – over and over again.

HGTV is all about ideas, inspiration and, of course, home.  Ever day they share with you all of their experts in renovation, real estate and design, on air and online.  Now they want you to share what home means with them.  They want to see real photos, from real viewers, of all things home.  The birthdays and the lazy Sundays.  Their best pals and four-legged friends.

They want to see and share what home REALLY means.

So HGTV can get to know what home means to you – capture the moments and share your favorite “home” photos… you might even see them on HGTV!  Tag with #lovehome & #HGTV on Instagram and Twitter.  If you want to see what home means to others check out the gallery of photos at HGTV.com/LoveHome.  Over 40,000 photos have been submitted and they want even more! 

Win It!

One reader will win an HGTV package that includes:

1 HGTV iPhone case (chosen randomly from an assortment of covers; may fit an iPhone 5 or a 4/4S)
1 HGTV 4GB USB Flash Drive
1 HGTV Headphone Set

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