Herr’s Puts a Twist on Whole Grain Pretzels

In 2010, approximately 4,030 children younger than age 20 will be diagnosed with primary brain tumors, of which 2,880 will be under age 15.

Brain tumors are the most common of the solid tumors in children, and the leading cause of death from solid tumors. Brain tumors are the second most frequent malignancy of childhood; leukemia is the most common. (from abta.org)

When you read statistics like that, it puts it into perspective of how just a few dollars on each person’s part can help make a difference to fund research, and one way we can all do that is by using our purchasing power to support companies who donate to causes like cancer research.

The Herr Foods story began in 1946 when 21-year-old James Stauffer Herr bought a small potato chip company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Over the years the company has grown, but they continue to maintain their high standard of service, and generosity to many charitable organizations.

Herr’s was generous to our team walking in Relay For Life.  They donated some of their Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks for us to snack on.  You can see some of the girls enjoying their “half way” down time, as they munched on the healthy snack.

Herr’s® Whole Grain, Multigrain Pretzels with Flax Seed & Honey are unlike any pretzel you’ve ever tasted. Rich flavor of sesame, poppy and caraway seeds complemented with golden honey will make these one of your favorite snacks and Herr’s® Multigrain Pretzels are low in fat, a good source of whole grain and higher in fiber than most pretzels.

The adult team members thought it was unique that the pretzels included flax seeds, which are so healthy for you.  They also appreciated the subtle taste of the caraway seeds making them just a little different than your average pretzel.  The teen girls liked the sweetness the honey gave the snack.  All in all everyone agreed that they were tasty .

How Herr’s makes a difference:

I am happy to say that Herr’s really twists their Whole Grain Prtezels into Ribbon shaped pretzels for Breast Cancer Awareness (in a pink bag).  These ribbon shaped pretzels are only sold in Sept. – Nov. to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  Herr’s contributes money to the American Cancer Society.  The ribbon pretzels are sold in Kmart nation wide (so be on the lookout for them next month). 

Herr’s also supports local walks  in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, as well as Relay for Life walks all over the ten states (Mid-Atlantic states), that Herr’s sells Direct Store Delivery.  The way that they support all of the local walks is by providing them snacks for their walkers (like they so generously did for our team even though, we aren’t in the Mid-Atlantic!). 

Thank you Herr’s for providing our Relay For Life Team snacks, as well as dontaing to the American Cancer Society.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the product mentioned above for free from Herr’s.  I was not required to write a review and this product may not have the same results for all people, please do additional research of your own when purchasing products mentioned in reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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