Help Me With Some Decorating Ideas…

After 16 1/2 years of marriage, we’re finally starting to replace some of our furniture.  A couple of weeks ago we got rid of our overstuffed sectional and bought a new leather couch, and are waiting on a couple of recliners that we ordered to go with it.

Next up will be new dining room chairs and table.  That may have to wait for a bit though.  I am wanting a designer look but without the designer price tag ~ after looking around, I’ve found that a quality set can be expensive.

I’m contemplating something bolder for the chairs (we have a pastel print on our chair upholstery now), because I think it would be fun to see some colors pop in my dining room.  But since we have a great room, I’m not sure how that would work.  My instinct tells me that my furniture would look mismatched if I did that.

My other option is just to refinish what we have.  Maybe paint the chairs, or get them reupholstered.  I haven’t priced it out but I’m guessing that if I get a professional to do it, it probably wouldn’t be cost efficient, and I could probably just buy new chairs for the same amount of money.  Have any of you ever reupholstered chairs on your own?  If you have is it easy?

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