Help Me Choose Some Business Cards

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One of my blog goals for 2011 was to get invited on a media trip.  I was fortunate to be invited on not just one, but two of them.

I knew before I left on the first one that I should have some business cards on hand, but quite honestly I didn’t know where to order them from, and had NO idea what I was even looking for graphic wise. So I ended up making some myself on the computer. Now I did an okay job, I wasn’t embarrassed handing them out when asked for my contact info but…I know they didn’t look overly professional either.

Sad to say, I never got around ordering any before my second blog trip either. Yeah I know I have to work on the procrastination issue. Even worse, I left the homemade ones at home too!

2012 is a year I want to step my blog up even more. I hope some more national media trips are in my future, but even locally I’ve been asked for a business card, and I’ve been handing out those unprofessional ones and that has got. to. stop.

So now I want you to help me decide which ones to get from Tiny Prints! I’ve narrowed it down to a number of styles but can’t quite decide which business cards I should order that say “Choose Me For Your Next Social Media Campaign Because I Rock”…or something like that anyway. So help me out!





So which one do you like the best?

Disclosure; I will receive Business Cards from Tiny Prints as a thank you for sharing their selections with you through this post.

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