Raspberry Hot Chocolate Made with Hershey’s Hugs

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Here’s a revved up cup of cocoa to give your Valentine on a cold February day.  (If anyone in the country happens to get a cold day this February that is!)

It’s easy to make using Hershey’s Raspberry Hugs.

Heat one cup of milk on the stovetop or in the microwave until hot but not boiling over.  In the microwave, I did it for two 30 second intervals (stirring in between) and then again for two 20 second intervals (again, stirring in between).  Your microwave may vary though.

While you do that, unwrap seven Hershey’s Raspberry Hugs and place them in a mug.

Pour the hot milk on top of the Hershey’s Hugs and let sit for two minutes.  Then using a mini whisk or a spoon stir it up. 

That’s it!  If you want a more intense flavor, just add more Hugs!

I received a bag of Hershey’s Rapberry Hugs from the Hershey Company – I was not asked to come up with a recipe for them….I just wanted to.

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