Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set Review

Last month I received a set of these Yorkshire-Mayfair Heavyweight 4-Piece 100% Luxury Cotton Flannel Sheets to review from Luzy’s Storage Place on Amazon.com.  Here in North Texas in winter it’s nice to have a set of flannel sheets because often it’s not cold enough to really turn the furnace up, but you want some extra warmth at night when you crawl into bed.
Unfortunately I don’t think the sheet set that is pictured in their listing on Amazon.com is what the customer receives.  This is the photo of the beige color on the Amazon listing:

and this is what I received:

Yorkshire Mayfair 100% Cotton Flannel

I noticed that the weave seemed very large and rough even before I took them out of the package, not tightly woven like they look in the advertising photo.  Sure enough what I was seeing through the clear packaging was the ‘rough’ side of the flat sheet.  Now I’ve never seen a set of flannel sheets that weren’t the brushed flannel on both sides of the weave, but that’s how these sheets are made.  The flannel side is nice and soft, but as I was getting ready to wash them, I noticed some bad quality control on the manufacturing of them.  One of the pillow cases was sewn with the fabric the wrong way so the flannel is on the inside of the pillow case and the regular cotton (for lack of being able to explain it better) was on the outside.  Which means I can’t use that one.

The top sheet was actually sewn incorrectly as well.  In order for the finished edge to be shown when you make the bed you’d have to have the cotton weave next to your skin rather than the flannel.  If you make the bed correctly with the flannel side down, when you flip the top sheet over you would see the selvage edge rather than the finished edge.
They washed up fairly well (although they left a lot of lint in the dryer), and they did fit the mattress nicely.  The bed I put them on has a very deep mattress and the corner pockets fit it well without popping off.
I was disappointed in the quality of these sheets though and when trying to contact the company about my concerns through the review network I received them through  I never got a response.  I would not recommend that people purchase these, for the $39.95 price tag you could get better sheets on sale.

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  1. I appreciate your honesty. They look nice in the photo. I need to get some new ones for my daughter.

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