Price Pfister Shelton Faucet Review

As many of you know in 2013 we moved to Texas.  We purchased an older home, it’s now 28 years old, while that may not seem old to some, our oldest home prior to that was only 2 years old when we purchased it.  So for us the maintenance and upkeep on this home has been a bit of a learning curve.  The prior owners did some updating, but left us with plenty to upgrade ourselves.  One of the ways we did that was by upgrading all of the bathroom fixtures and replacing the kitchen and bar faucets.
That left one faucet in our house that was still 28 years old.  The one in our garage sink.  Not only was it ugly and corroded, for a deep garage sink like the one we have, it wasn’t very functional either.

Old garage faucet


Sure you could get a pail under the high arcing faucet, but try cleaning that sink out without a sprayer!  And the handles were so old that the hot water one didn’t stop when you turned it!  Time for a new one.  When Pfister Faucets once again asked us if we wanted to review a faucet in our home, we took them up on it.  Our bathroom fixtures are all Pfister and we are still very happy with them a year after we installed them.
While in the house we’ve gone with an oil-rubbed bronze look, stainless steel fits the garage much better.

Shelton FaucetPrice Pfister sent us this faucet for the purpose of review.

The Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet allows you to install it on a sink that’s configured with 1, 2, 3 or 4 holes.  You’ll use the deckplate if you are covering any unused holes, like we had to.

Shelton Faucet deckplate

The pull-out feature allows us to clean up the sink after using it much better than the older stationary faucet.  Whether it’s dirt from planting, cleaning paint brushes or rinsing out the cooler, it lets us get into the edges of the sink and into the nooks and crannies of what we’re cleaning with ease.

Pull-Out Faucet Spray Shelton Price Pfister

When you add in the spray feature, I kind of wonder how we ever got anything clean in that sink with the old faucet before.  Everything is so much simpler to clean now, and being able to switch between the stream and spray when needed is helpful.

Price Pfister Shelton Kitchen Faucet Stream

Spray Shelton Kitchen Faucet

And even though it’s in the garage, it’s so much nicer looking than the old corroded one that was there before.  It definitely upped the look of our workspace and added to the value of the area with a simple but practical faucet change.

Shelton Kitchen Faucet 1-Handle Pull-Out Spray Price Pfister

My husband took on the task of installing the faucet. The biggest frustration of the whole task was getting the old faucet off!  It was corroded on to the sink and we had no instructions on how to remove it.  However, I am happy to say that installing the new Shelton faucet was done with absolutely no frustration and in no time at all due to the detailed instructions included with it and the Pfast Connect Quick Install.

Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet Installation Instructions

Pfast Connect

Pfast Connect

The Price Pfister faucets we’ve added to our home all have a Pfister Pforever Warranty® which covers their finish and function for life.  They are beautiful and functional and this Shelton one was very easy to install.  And now we have all the faucets replaced and with the Pfister Pforever warranty, they’re good for the next 28 years and longer!

Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Price Pfister

Time to find another project in the house to work on!
What faucets in your home would you like to upgrade?  Have you looked at Pfister Faucets line up of kitchen and bath fixtures?

6 thoughts on “Price Pfister Shelton Faucet Review

  1. I think that looks great in your garage. I need to replace some faucets in my home too. Thanks for the heads up on Pfister! I’m going to see what they have in stock at Lowes.

  2. what a great looking faucet! I need to replace ALL my faucets since when we purchased our house in 2005 we didn’t change much, but believe me-it’s time. Great to hear that this faucet is working great for you, I will have to check out this line of faucets and find one for my kitchen!

  3. I’m now replacing my 3rd Shelton faucet. Whoever engineered this faucet for PF should be fired now unless he/she’s been fired already. The swivel point on this faucet is below the water line, hence unless you have treated, “soft” water, calcium i.e. will build up and within a couple of years the faucet will be difficult if not incapable of turning.

    Price Pfister honors its lifetime guarantee but refuses to upgrade to a better engineering design even when you ask to pay the difference. So, just expect to replace your Shelton faucet every couple of years.

    1. I’m sorry this hasn’t worked for you. We’re still using it 7 years later with no issues.

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