Happy Father’s Day (No I’m NOT Late!)

credit: MarxchivistSo Amber is midway through her high school world geography course, and one of the things we’ve been enjoying most about it, is finding out interesting little facts about the countries that we were unaware of before.

She enjoyed learning about the Yucatan Peninsula (which she first heard about in the Pirates of the Caribbean books put out by Disney), and especially visiting some of the places she learned about in Spain and Portugal when we were there in April.

She hasn’t yet reached the chapters on Australia, but I found a neat tidbit about it, that I’ll be sure to share with her if it isn’t covered in her text.

Australia celebrates Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September.  So this year it is on September 6th.

Which brings up the topic, ‘did you miss Father’s Day this year?’.  If you did, now you have an out!  If you missed getting Fathers Day Gifts for the men in your life in June…you can make up for it on September 6th.  Now that you know, you can make it look like that was your plan the whole time! 

I think I’m going to do this next year for my husband, I’ll wrap up the typical gifts for men on Father’s Day; tie, wallet, watch (all with a cheesy theme of course!), and then on the first Sunday in September (instead of the third Sunday in June), I’ll hand them over happily proclaiming “Happy Father’s Day”, in my best Australian accent.  We’ll see how that goes over…LOL.

I’m wondering what other interesting things we’ll learn about Australia when we hit that chapter in Amber’s geography text.

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