Moisture and Nourishing Hand Mask

With regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it seems – with store shelves empty and online retailers out of stock – that people are being vigilant about washing their hands to protect themselves from being sick.  The good news: hopefully the spread of the virus will be contained.  The bad news: your hands are most likely dry, cracked, and chapped from constantly being exposed to soap and water and/or alcohol.  Nourish and moisture dry, cracked hands by wrapping them in, MOISTURE & NOURISHING hand mask by MasqueBar, a treatment similar to one you would receive during a luxe spa visit.

hand mask
This is old packaging of the MasqueBar hand mask, but the product is the same.

Ingredients like Peach Extract, Shea Butter and Witch Hazel are active skin healers thanks to heavy amounts of anti-inflammatory and fatty acid properties.

Slip on the MOISTURE & NOURISHING hand mask ($9.99 for 2 pairs,, single-use gloves infused with Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Fruit Extract and Honey Extract, for 20-30 minutes.  No need to rinse, just gently rub in the remaining essence into your hands.    

Plenty of moms out there are probably fairly stressed, on of the best ways to reduce that is to be in a relaxing physical environment.  While a spa visit for Mom may not happen this Mother’s Day, Masque.Bar offers skin soothing products with skincare properties that you can put together to give mom a DIY spa day at home so she can really destress and indulge in one (or many!) spa inspired pampering treatments that will calm her from top to bottom.

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