Great Halloween Costumes at provided the t-shirts for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own.

When it comes to partying, my husband is a dull guy.  To be honest he’d prefer not to attend them at all, but I make him come with me.  Putting on a costume though.. that’s where he draws the line.  Well until this year anyway 🤣 because thanks to, I got him a costume he’ll actually wear. has great Halloween costumes in all styles and sizes.  They’re one of the largest online retailers today of Halloween costumes.  They’ve had some of their costumes featured on The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America, and the Ellen Show. They’re also a national partner of such charity organizations as Toys for Toys,, and the Smithsonian Zoo.

You see my husband is about as nerdy and geeky as they get.  One year I even gave him a Nerd Love Language sign for Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I learned to say I love you in Klingon!  The things I do for that man 😉   So when we were invited to a Halloween party this year I was determined to find something he’d wear so he’d ‘dress up’ too.  And this is what I found…

Halloween Costumes

I do believe I scored a win with this matching set of Star Trek Uniform Image T-shirts.  Can you see that smile on his face?!  And he’s even added a tricorder accessory to his costume, ha ha ha!  

I knew he’d like the Science Uniform since it’s a t-shirt he can wear again even after Halloween.  The real reason why I got him that one though is because I’m in charge of this gig and so I deserved the gold Command 🤣.  For obvious reasons neither of us wanted a Red Shirt… LOL!

These t-shirts are Star Trek licensed and made by Fruit of the Loom in 100% cotton.  So you know that you will get a lot of washes and wear out of them.

I found them to be fairly true to size.  They are Mens sizing.  My husband is wearing an XL which is his normal sizing.  I have on a Small.  There is a little bit of roominess on me even with the under layer, but it’s certainly wearable even for a petite female.

The command color is very much like the golden-yellow of the original series, as is the science blue (perhaps a bit lighter but pretty close).  The logos are screen printed on.

The Star Trek Uniform Image T-shirt for a Halloween Costume is definitely an affordable buy at $18.95 on, especially considering the extended use you can get out of it even after the Halloween season.  You don’t need to add much to it to make it a full costume, some black pants and/or boots, a black shirt underneath like I did or a tech accessory to make you look all stardate 1207.3.

So if you are looking to get Halloween Costumes for the entire family this year, look no further than  Whether you want something you can wear other than a costume (like our t-shirts) or a full family group theme (a la; Stranger Things and the Ghostbuster Crew.  You can all be Venkman if you like!), they have a great assortment of movie, tv show and comic costumes for all ages and sizes.

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  1. Oh man this site is good! Looking forward to getting some costumes here for next year!

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