Avery Ranch Golf Club and Other Fun Places to Visit When in Austin, Texas

It’s easy to understand why a lot of people like to visit Austin and actually stay for a few good days: their food and drink scene never stops evolving, they have live music every night, and their swimming spots and green spaces are more than abundant.

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Golfing in Austin

Austin has such a dramatic topography, which is the reason why it’s the perfect backdrop to play golf. The city is the perfect setting for year-round golfers, and at Avery Ranch Golf Club, you can do just that.

If you ever find yourself in Austin or plan to bring the family one of these days, here’s a list of places and things you can do to not miss the best of what the city can offer. Apart from watching , you shouldn’t miss this gem of a Texas city has in store.

Play or Watch Golf at the Avery Ranch Golf Club

Avery Ranch is consistently rated one of the best golf destinations in Central Texas, and it’s easy to see why. The area has some of the best course conditions, excellent accommodations, and the best selection of food.

Before visiting Austin, check to see if there are any local golf tournaments you may be able to catch at Avery Ranch Golf while touring the city. While there, don’t forget to take advantage of their full-service restaurant. If you’re visiting with the family or hosting an event, Avery Ranch has and an on-site food and beverage liaison to make the gathering fun and exciting.


Catch Waves at NLand Surf Park

Who says you can’t surf in Austin? In this city, you actually don’t need an ocean to catch a wave. They’re lucky NLand Surf Park decided to make this 14-acre surf lagoon, which happens to be the largest in the world, so people can swim, surf, wade in the waters, and catch a cold beer or two in its shores.

The NLand Surf Park is situated just 5 miles from Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Do not miss the craft beer and incredible food onsite. I mean, how many cities actually have a brewery attached to its wave pool?


Witness Mount Bonnell’s Beautiful Sunset

Mount Bonnel has become everybody’s go-to when they want to take the most Austin selfie ever. The place is packed with people most of the time, but if you’re patient, you might just spot an area where you can just enjoy watching the sunset in peace. It’s the city’s highest point and is quickly becoming the favorite engagement proposal area, but hey, Mount Bonnell is free for all, and the view here is second to none — better not miss it.


Eat Brunch at Holy Roller

They’re all about brunches in Austin. In fact, brunches have become so popular there are so many places where you can get the best mimosas, Benedicts, and some French toasts. Since it’s impossible to visit them all on one day, try the Holy Roller first. Inspired by the spirit of punk rock with a hint of religious kitsch, you only get the best food at Holy Roller, where nostalgia and the whimsy meet.


Hunt for the Best BBQ

You can’t love a good barbecue more than an Austinite. They’re home to some of the best pitmasters this country could ever have, so it’s fairly easy to spot a place where good barbecue is being offered. If you’re okay with long lines of people waiting, go ahead and try Franklin Barbecue. It has become so popular that people start falling in line as early as six in the morning.

Other places where great barbecue is offered is LeRoy & Lewis and La Barbecue. You also shouldn’t miss Austin’s mac and cheese-stuffed quail, pork belly, and brisket and beef ribs.

After a long day of sight-seeing, head on to Avery Ranch’s Sunset Bar and Grill, where great food and an amazing view of the Avery Lake await you. And last but not the least, cap off the day with ice cold beer on tap from their fully stocked bar.