Graduation Announcements

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Graduation here in the United States seems so different from what I’m used to back in Canada.  Now granted I haven’t been to a graduation in Canada… well since I graduated from high school, and that goes back over 20 years ago!  But when we received our first “Graduation Open House” invitation after we moved to South Dakota we saw what a ‘big deal’ high school graduation is here.

Over the years we’ve taken note on what our friends have done for their graduating seniors.  We’ve been to some that have had sandwiches and cake, one that had BBQ, a couple of ice cream sundae socials – all of them have been fun. 

Our daughter is flip flopping between an ice cream sundae bar (which in May in Texas could get pretty messy if I want it outside ) or a Luau (minus the pig on a spit), but I’m sure between now and May a number of other ideas will formulate.  So it’s a good thing we have time to plan for that!

One thing we don’t have much time for is starting the senior pictures.  While I know of a fantastic local photographer that I might employ for those, I’m going to try my hand at them myself.  Starting in our backyard and then finding some other local spots to snap away at. 

This one was taken in our back yard a few weeks ago.  I love the expression on her face, but the funky cord that has grown into the tree just doesn’t cut it!  (We think the previous owners at one time had some peripheral lighting in the yard and that’s what the cord was for but who knows!)

I know my limitations though and if I’m not happy with what I can create, we’ll definitely go the professional route.

That being said, I’ve also been looking into Graduation Announcements.  I’ve found some pretty nice ones on  Amber’s the type of girl who wants Mom to pick out a bunch she’d like, and then she’ll whittle it down to one or two in the end.  She just doesn’t have the patience or the desire to look through pages of designs!

And this is kind of what’s prompting me at the moment…

I can’t resist a good sale on something I’m going to be buying anyway!

I think we’ll try and go with something that works with the UTD colors (green & orange), which is where she’ll head off to next fall. 

I’m liking this one

And since it can be completely personalized, we can put the invitation to her open house on the bottom of them also.

I think these are super cute, but Amber wouldn’t be going for the pink…

If you’ve had children that have graduated from high school and you’ve had a graduation celebration for them, what did you do?  I want more ideas!

9 thoughts on “Graduation Announcements

  1. That is so neat. I hate that my daughter did not want to send out graduation announcements. I will keep this in mind when #2 gets ready to graduate.

  2. I love the green one. My baby hasn't started Kindergarten yet – I can't imagine graduation. I love the quality though!

  3. Good luck picking an invitation, there are so many good ones out there. In the past, I have been to parties that served a pasta bar, one that was a luau, and we had an ice cream social.

  4. Cute designs! We had cookouts to celebrate our kids graduations. Such an exciting time!

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