Introducing New Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand

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I want to introduce you to the new Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand, available exclusively at The Container Store.

For the first time ever, 3M’s Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand have teamed up to create a complete line of home organization products, all of which are available through The Container Store.  The line includes more than 15 new products and simple solutions to tackle everything from reminders and to-do lists to family schedule planning to displaying children’s artwork at home.

The collection pairs functionality with stylish design and soft hues, featuring products that can be used individually or work together to create a unique and approachable organization system.

Here are a few items from the new collection.

Post-it View and Go Pockets

* Perfect organizational solution to keep papwers such as menus, recipes and receipts easy-to-find
* Features Post-it foam tape backing to easily mount and remove Pocket from refrigerators cabinets and more

* Flap seals to keep items secure on-the-go

* In sizes 9 3/8 in x 6 1/8 in and 9 3/8 in x 11 3/8 in
* Price: $6.99 -$7.99

Scotch Display Frames

* Instantly frame and display artwork, photos, school schedules and more virtually anywhere without using nails or tacks
* Four Scotch Removable Mounting Squares allow you to stick the frame to virtually any smooth surface, including stainless steel refrigerators


* Size 9 1/2 in x 12 in fits items up to 8 1/2 in x 11 in, avaialable in Aqua and White
* Size 5 in x 7 in fits items up to 4 in x 6 in, available in Aqua, White and Chartreuse
* Price $4.99 -$6.99

Scotch Restickable Display Strip

* Provides a decorative way to display items for enjoyment or reference
* Strip is pre-cut removable and reusable (Please before you adhere it to any surface make sure you won’t ruin a finish by adding it (which the packaging states)

* Available in two designs measuring 14.4 x 0.9 in
* Price $7.99

Scotch Restickable Circles

* Use instead of magnets and tacks to display phoots, mementos and kids artwork on walls, cabinets, windows and refrigerators, including stainless steel

* Available in Aqua, White and Chartreuse colors
* Price $3.99

The Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand is available at The Container Store locations nationwide and online at  For more inforamtion about the Home Collection, please visit

13 thoughts on “Introducing New Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand

  1. I love the Display Frames! The grandkids are always making us pictures to put on the fridge. These would be ideal!

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