Go from Work to a Night Out with MeMoi Leggings

MeMoi leggings are a fun and fashionable line of quality leggings in a wild array of prints and solids. From their easy ankle zipper legging to their charming ruched Capri skeggings, no matter which pair you choose, you’ll add a new touch of style and class to your wardrobe.


MeMoi sent me a pair of the Exotic Drop Leggings to wear.  These cool leggings are great for casual wear and for a night out.  The cost of these leggings is $45.00.   These particular leggings come sized as a S/M or a M/L.  Since I don’t like my leggings tight tight, I went with the M/L since I didn’t want the leggings clinging to me.

I actually like how they fit in the thighs.  No worries that they might rip on me if I bend down and there’s enough room that when I sit cross-legged they aren’t so tight as to feel uncomfortable.  That being said the M/L is definitely sliding down on the waist area (I needed some safety pins to gather the waist a bit).  So as far as size goes, I would say that after actually putting them on for these specific leggings, they are pretty much sized accurately to order via your measurements.  I could have gotten a S/M and they probably would have fit fine even in my thighs.


One thing that I like about these leggings is that they are machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer as well.  I have had many leggings where you have to hang them to dry so that they don’t stretch out of shape, so I appreciate that I don’t have to remember when I’m doing laundry to pull these out when I’m putting everything else in the load in the dryer.

The print of the Exotic Drop is bold enough to be a fashion statement but because of the black/white pattern still chic enough to take you from casual to a night out.  The fabric is of excellent quality.  Thin enough that you don’t feel ‘toasty’ when working out but still thick enough that you still feel like your not wearing hose.


Being able to wear them, both for casual wear, going out and for gym wear makes them affordable in my opinion for $45 since they have that much more use in my wardrobe.

round the clock one size one pair opaque tights

MeMoi also sells other products including tights, shapewear, socks and more.  Check out their new Spring | Summer 2015 collection here: http://store.memoistore.com/spring-i-summer-2015.

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