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I was provided a sample pair of glasses from GlassesUSA for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are my own.


I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since I was 12.  Likely I needed them long before that, I just didn’t realize it.  I remember the first pair I got, the amazement when I put them on and could see, I mean REALLY see.  I recall that every time I get a new pair of glasses even now.

I’m not the only one in my family who wears glasses though, my husband and our daughter do as well.  We’re fortunate enough to have benefits through my husband’s employer and have yearly exams and excellent co-pays on our prescription glasses each year.  But glasses at an optometrist’s office are EXPENSIVE y’all.  Every time I see the bottom line of what it would cost us without eye care benefits my eyes bug out (no pun intended!).

I have horrible vision and can’t function without corrective lenses of some sort, whether they be glasses or contact lenses.  But when you have to wear them every day the same look can becoming stale.  So even though we have great insurance to get one pair at a low cost, I view my glasses as a ‘necessary’ accessory.  By necessary it’s because obviously I need them or I couldn’t walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, but I view my glasses as no different than a pair of earrings or a necklace.  I want to look good and have choices when I wear them.

Which is why I am excited about is one of the leading online retailers for prescription glasses and sunglasses.  They offer a huge selection of high quality glasses, at affordable prices. Brand names, private brands, sports, kids and even computer glasses – they have it all!

Purchasing glasses can be an arduous task and based on your face shape, size, and features, frames that look good on one person may not suit someone else.  But makes it so easy to shop for frames online.  There are plenty of filters you can choose to find the frames that will look great on you.  You can search by frame shape, size, or color.  While you may think that still doesn’t replace trying them on in person, GlassesUSA has thought of everything because you can upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on any frame they sell!  It took me some time to choose what I wanted because they have a marvelous selections of frames but I finally settled on the Revel Lucien ones you see in my virtual try on below.


You will need a valid prescription from an eye doctor, and don’t forget to have them fill out your P.D. (pupillary distance), some prescriptions don’t have it on the Rx and GlassesUSA will need that to get your glasses to the right specifications for you.

My glasses were shipped SUPER fast.  I was excited to wear them.  Now here is one thing you’ll need to note about ordering glasses online, the frames come as they’re made.  Meaning, everyone does have a different shaped face, one ear may be higher than another, your tolerance for the fit behind your ears may be different than someone else.  Now that has no bearing on any retailer aspect because they don’t know any of that, nor can you before you actually put them on.

The Revel Lucien frames I chose are similar in size all around to an older pair of frames I had before, so I was pretty certain they would fit.  They did.. but they didn’t.  They were quite loose around my ears and if I bent my head down the glasses slid right off.  BUT there is NO need to worry if your frames don’t fit quite right, you can do what I did and go to a local eyeglass location, your optometrist, or the optical center in your neighborhood big box store.  I give you a high chance that they will adjust them for you for either no cost or just a small charge.  I did this at the optical center and they had no problem adjusting the frames to fit me and didn’t charge me a cent. 🙂  When you see the cost above of what these frames and lenses cost ($68) even a small charge would have been worth it.


Now lets talk quality.  The frames are a great quality and nice and light.  I love the punch of color they give me and they came in pristine shape.  The lenses do not seem any different to me than the basic ones that I’ve received from my optometrist’s either.  The prescription seems to be right on the mark and I have a strong one so it’s noticeable if it’s not done properly.


I would surely say that I would purchase a pair of glasses from again without hesitation.  The frame selection with the affordable cost, fast shipping and no loss of quality from other optical dispensaries make it a great choice for everyone, especially those that may not have eye care benefits through an employer.


11 thoughts on “ – Buy Your Glasses Online for Less

  1. I’ve never bought my prescription glasses online but it seems like a really easy process! They look great!

  2. Beautiful glasses. Online shopping is one of the best way to buy things, I’ve never ordered glasses online before now I think I need to check it out.

  3. I have got to give this a try. So much cheaper than my eye doctor. One question, where would you go to get them adjusted if needed?

    1. I just went to the optical center at Walmart – they had no issues with adjusting them for me for free 🙂

  4. Your glasses look very pretty and I have gotten a pair of glasses at this site. I paid $50 for everything and my glasses fit me perfect and are great. I want to get another pair!

  5. I took a look a the frames and they have some topline glasses at glassesusa, thanks for sharing, I may actually purchase a pair.

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