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I have many men in my life that I need to buy presents for, so I  know how hard it is to find a gift that guys actually want.  The BroBasket offers quality gift baskets for men and is a perfect holiday idea for the males in your life.

Ordering from The BroBasket is so easy too.  Think about all the time and stress you’ll save by ordering a gift basket for your guys.

Just head over to and choose from one of their ready made or customizable gifts.  If you’re feeling creative, you can click the “Customize Your Own BroBasket” product and make your own gift from scratch.

If your not the type of person who wants to hum and haw over selections, you can go with one of their ready made gift baskets for men.

When you’re ready to check out, you can pick the arrival day.  Enter the delivery address, choose the date, and the charges will adjust accordingly.  The BroBasket will make sure your gift arrives on that date.  <– Let’s be fair here though, shipping and delivery is a whole other beast than it was in 2019, am I right?! So let’s give grace where it’s needed and know that once The BroBasket hands it off to the carrier, there may be a hiccup that they can’t control, because it’s 2021 y’all!  With that said though, you can buy weeks and months in advance with a future delivery date through The BroBasket. Imagine being able to take care of your gifts … for an entire year at one time!?!  🤯

So The BroBasket did send me (or rather my husband I suppose 🤣) their . Pre-made this basket is $69.95.

gift baskets for men

First let me say this basket was shipped with the utmost care.  Foam, bubble wrap and then an elegant foil wrap around it.  It was packaged to ensure it would arrive without damage.  If anything it was packaged too well 🤣 (is that really a thing?!).  The glue dots used to hold the items together in the basket and prevent them from jostling around during shipping are really strong.  Just warning you 😉.

The contents themselves, also pretty impressive.  I’m sure with the current supply chain issues there may be substitutions when needed, but if my experience so far with The BroBasket is any indication, the items I received and what others may get in the pre-made basket would be fairly similar.  A card with your message will be front and center for yrecipientient. The basket can also be reused.

My regular readers will not be surprised that I will focus first on the two most important things in my book; the wine and the coffee 🤣 .  A bottle of Pinot Noir, rated at 90 – so you know it’s going to be outstanding.  And two ground packages of coffee from Santa Barbara Roasting Company coffee.
This is one of the things I love the most about themed gift baskets; being introduced to new brands and flavors that I would otherwise not try.

And then of course you have the nosh items.  Quality brand chocolate snacks, that pair amazingly with both the wine and the coffee.

Some Nonni’s biscotti for the morning and midday. Ghiradelli and Ferrero Rocher chocolates to enjoy with the wine.

Overall I have to say if I am looking for gift baskets for men in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from The BroBasket.

So now you know, you no longer need to spend countless hours searching the internet for the perfect “guy gift.”  The BroBasket has your back! Whether it’s Scotch and Cigars, Craft Beer, or Fancy Wines, they have everything you need to make the perfect “drinkable arrangement.”  They even have non-alcoholic options for the younger and dry guys.

To learn more about gift baskets for men, visit

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