Getting Ready to Take the PSAT

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Our daughter has always been interested in video games and drawing. Over the years she has excelled at digital drawing using a Bamboo Tablet and Photoshop Elements. She also really enjoys the stories and lore of video game franchises, and writes her own parallel stories and comes up with ideas for quests and characters to go along with those games.

So it’s not surprising to us as parents that for the past couple of years she has shown interest in going to college for Video Game Design. After doing some research, we found the University of Texas Dallas was one of the top ten schools in North America for their graduate program in this field. In just so happens that the company my husband works for also has a site in the Dallas area, and he could simply “move his desk” while retaining his current position.

In light of all of that last October we took a ‘college road trip’ down to Dallas to check out the college campus and look at the area and housing market. That’s when one of the staff after our campus tour let us know that UTD also gives out four year scholarships to undergraduates if they are National Merit Scholars. And so our instructional strategies for taking the PSAT began.

For a whole year now we’ve been prepping our daughter for the PSAT. With online courses and study books. Practice tests and essay writing. Since we homeschool we had to register her with the local high school to take the test there, and I just finished doing that this past week.

There’s just six weeks left until she writes it, and I think we’re all anxious to just get it over with. We know that all the studying and time put in will pay off if she scores that “magic number”, but regardless she’s learned a lesson of dedication and perseverance in pursuing something no matter the outcome, and that is worth plenty too!

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