Garden In An Apartment? You Bet!

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I am not an expert gardner.  I have never grown anything in a garden, although I enjoy consuming produce from other people’s gardens! 

Many people who start gardens, start with a small plot, which makes sense I guess if one has never gardened before.  I presume that it can be a daunting task to begin one.  Interestingly enough though, you don’t have to have a large yard to have a garden, or so I’ve been told from someone living in Apartments in San Antonio TX.

A sunny area is all one needs, where you can start seedlings and have a few pots.  A shelf by a window where plants can sit during the chilly spring but still get the sunlight to grow, and later if one has a balcony, they can be placed outside.  The upside to apartment gardening is that you can take your plants in on nights that it’s forecasted to be freezing!

My parents live in an apartment too, and while my mom doesn’t ‘garden’ per say, she does grow herbs in her kitchen.  She has these little pots of basil that are both decorative and functional. 

Now I live in a condomminum, which is built like an apartment building, and I have a huge sliding door that goes out on to my balcony, so for all intents and purposes I could garden.  I’ve even considered those ‘topsy turvy’ planters for tomatoes and strawberries.  But then who would take all the extra produce off of my friend’s hands if I did that?  I wouldn’t want to disappoint her!

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