Games to Play on Long Car Journeys

simple car games

Keeping yourself and your children occupied when on a road trip can help the time pass by that bit quicker. This can help children avoid boredom, and means that you can concentrate on the road without hearing “are we nearly there yet?” every ten minutes.

Creating fun, yet simple car games that you and your children can play while driving can be the answer. However, they also need to be games that will not distract you when driving, as lack of concentration is one of the main causes of vehicular accidents. If you have been in this situation, you might want to .

Otherwise, you can be fairly creative. Consider your child’s age and abilities and you should be able to find ways to entertain them, even on the longest of drives.

I Spy

Most people have heard of this simple guessing game. involves one person thinking of an object and giving the other players the first letter. The other players must then continue guessing until they correctly identify the object. The person who does so, then gets to choose their own object, and so on. For younger children who are not confident with spellings, this can be adapted so that they are told what color the object is and can then guess. If you have more than one child, this is also something that could be played independently, without you needing to be involved.

Counting Cars

One fun game that children might enjoy is counting cars. This game is especially useful as it can help to improve their mathematical abilities and confidence. Using a , you could ask your child to take note of any colored car they see for the whole trip, or within a time limit, to find out what color ‘wins’.

This game could be adapted to look for cars of one particular color or other variants. You could even create a competition where children choose a color and the winner is the person who sees the most cars of their given color.

Word Association

Another game you might want to play is word association, where the next word must begin with the final letter of its predecessor. For example, if the word cat is used, the next word might be tiger. This game can continue until one player cannot think of a suitable word. You might also use categories, such as animals, place names, or foods, to make the game a little bit more challenging.

Road trips can be tedious for the young and the old alike. Keeping entertained can be a good way to keep everyone feeling positive and motivated, as well as allowing you to stay focussed on the road ahead rather than any unhappiness from your offspring regarding being in the car for extended periods of time.

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