Easy Home Cleaning Tips For Those Who Hate It

So you hate cleaning but want to live in a spruced up property. Well, this is the story of many of us who hate to see a messy house, piles of clothes on the bed, dirty dishes brimming the sink, and dirty entrances with pairs of shoes scattered here and there. The very thought of an unclean, untidy property makes you feel stressed. Then the thought of clearing up all the clutter every now and then adds to the stress. But there is a way out. There are easy home cleaning tips provided by a professional if you hate cleaning but do not enjoy a dirty house.

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Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning plan

A messy house is not the sight you wish to see everyday. Tackling the task of cleaning the entire house can be overwhelming. If you need to do this every day, you might start hating house cleaning. So the best way to deal with the stress is to come up with a house cleaning plan that involves quick cleaning. To start with, pick a room. Spend a few minutes cleaning it up. You do not need to do intense cleaning here. Pick another room the next day. By doing this room by room, you will end up with a clean property.

Eliminate the mess

When it comes to home cleaning for those who hate it, you could start with clearing the clutter because this is one sight that adds to the stress. It is a cardinal sin to horde things for the future when you do not have space for the essentials. Get rid of anything that you do not use. Your closet has lots of clothes that you do not wish to wear or have not touched in the last six months. Chances are you will not wear them again. donate them to a charity.

Don’t delay dishes

I know you hate cleaning but when you are the only person responsible for this project, why indulge in delaying tactics? Make it a habit to do the dishes as soon as they get dirty. This will ensure that the utensils do not keep cluttering the sink and countertop.

When you do dishes immediately after meals, there will be no mess in the kitchen. What’s more, clean the kitchen counter clear of the mess all the time by putting everything in its home. Wipe down the counter whenever you see a little mess. This will save you from bigger messes, which are time-consuming to clean.

Challenge yourself

So you hate cleaning but you dislike the sight of clutter as well. Of course, you hate it because you do not find any fun in cleaning. One way out is to set yourself a challenge to clean it up within 10 minutes. Set a timer and get going. Challenging yourself might get you interested. Of course, set a reward too. Are you craving for a gourmet delight? Let it be the reward of your success. Bribing yourself will work in your favor.

Don’t aim to be a perfectionist

Do not aim to perfect it if you hate the home cleaning task. All you need to do is make things look clean. Nobody will judge your cleaning acumen here. So all you should aim is to make your home a clean and pleasant sanctuary. In these coronavirus times, it is even more important to focus on cleaning and disinfecting.

Keep cleaning supplies within reach

What’s stopping you from home cleaning is the effort you need to put to search cleaning products. Unless all cleaning supplies are within easy reach, it might keep you from making double efforts, that is, searching and then cleaning.

Life gets easier when you are organized.


Perhaps technology can come to your rescue when it comes to home cleaning for someone who hate it. Dishwashers, self-cleaning ovens, floor washers, and robotic vacuum cleaners can come in handy here. They could save you time and effort. A self-cleaning toilet bowl can be a life saver when you hate to clean the lavatory pan.

A day for laundry

Doing laundry every day might seem like torturing yourself when you hate cleaning. Rather, schedule clothes washing on a specific day every week. Eliminate one cleaning task on that day. You can easily manage it all without stressing yourself much.

Set home cleaning rules

Yes, you need your family’s support to keep your abode clean. This cannot be truer in these coronavirus times when cleaning is a priority. Involve family in the cleaning tasks or use a company like this . Let kids take care of the toys. Or let them wipe down the table.

One family member could be responsible for clearing the bed every day. When you assign duties, house cleaning becomes easier and so much fun.

When you take care of the small cleaning tasks, you can deep clean seasonally. If you seek professional cleaning help, connect with Modern Maids.

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