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Jarvis AppCoolest App EVER!  Yes I have JARVIS on my iPhone and there is nothing quite like being notified by him when I have an incoming call, message or voice mail.  Plus he even wakes me up in the morning with the weather forecast!  The only thing better is if he could make me a cup of coffee 🙂

You too can be just like Tony Stark.  Download the one-of-a-kind, interactive experience app hosted by JARVIS to your iPad, iPhone or iPod and find out what it’s like to be him.  Just like the real JARVIS, you will be able to interact with him using your own voice. Create customized alarms to wake you in the morning, download ringtones, check the weather, post to Facebook and more!  Sync the app to your Blu-ray™ player to unlock hidden files and suits embedded throughout the disc, and experience the first-ever voice controlled Blu-ray!

Activate JARVIS through a simple setup process and get ready for an entirely new Second Screen Experience. JARVIS will literally be a part of your daily routine. Browse through all 42 of Tony Stark’s Armors in the interactive Armor gallery.  Gain access to exclusive content as well as be able to control the Blu-ray menus with either a digital remote or simply by using your voice. “Marvel’s Iron Man 3” is available TODAY!! The full list of Iron Man 3 Jarvis: A Marvel Second Screen Experience functions are as follows.

–        Users can engage JARVIS through voice-activated commands

–        Receive messages from JARVIS, download ringtones, post to Facebook and more

–        Check time, local weather as well as set alarms through the integrated Clock mode

–        Initiate media delivered in messages, including video, audio, image, ringtone or website

–        Install unique ringtones

–        Unlock 42 unique Iron Man suits (plus additional “Ghost” file)

–        When connected to the same network as the Blu-ray player, JARVIS will function as the Blu-ray remote control, or the user can simply “say what you see” and the app will do the rest.

Devices:                                    iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Access:                                    Visit []

So what are you waiting for?  If you have an iOS device, go get your own Jarvis!

28 thoughts on “Free Iron Man 3 JARVIS App

  1. This is pretty cool! I would love to have this on my phone but I have an android 🙁

    Oh well! I will get my hubby to download so I can play with it. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. It does look like a pretty good app (and I just saw your coffee bar over on the side so I want to go over and vote on it for ya)

  3. Where can I install this app from? I love the iron Man and the avengers movies. Basically every marvel movie and show that has an AI in it. Like if it’s Jarvis which stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, or Friday which is Female, Replacement, Intelligent, Digital, Assistant, Youth.

    Then there is Joey an AI that belongs to Ant-Man in avengers assemble in season 2 I believe. Joey dosen’t stand for anything yet, like Karen from Spider-Man homecoming.

    Joey is said in avengers assemble in season 2 that he is similar to Jarvis but has a different primary programming, but he is also helpful to Ant-Man in the series just like how Jarvis is helpful to Tony Stark in the MCU.

    And there is Edith which stands for Even Dead I’m The Hero, and Karen which doesn’t stand for anything just yet. Ultron doesn’t stand for anything that I know of. Well not yet anyways. But fun fact about Ultron is, is that he started as a computer program of an advanced AI technology created originally by Hydra or what was left over by and from Hydra, or the place where the avengers attacked Hydra in avengers age of Ultron. Then when Tony Stark found this, you know Ultron? He went on and took it with him and he and Bruce Banner tried to program it to be like Jarvis and or to be more advanced.

    And to find the key to be creating Ultron. But unknowingly that Ultron would attack Jarvis, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

    So when Ultron woke up he saw he was a program but couldn’t understand why, or how, or any reasons he was their or apart of a program. So he attacked JARVIS because he was in destress, then attacked Jarvis Tony Stark’s AI and builted himself a body made out of Stark’s iron legion. Which is not really an iron Man suit but a iron man operative computer system that allows Jarvis to control them and to make them operate.

    In the comics Ant-Man is the one who created Ultron, but in the MCU the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s Tony Stark, Iron Man.

    Just some info of cool AI’s from Marvel movies and shows. Mostly movies, and what the AI’s stand for in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU for short.

    Anyways where can I install the Iron Man 3 Jarvis app? I hear that it is a really impressive app! 😎

    1. This version of the app is no longer available. It was released to coincide with the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release. The app is still on the App Store however it is now a Q&A of Marvel characters.

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