Try This FREE Basic Math Skills App for iPhone and Android

numbieIf you’re looking for a way to introduce basic math skills to your pre-schooler or a soon to be Kindergarten child, this app is for you.  It’s of high quality and very appealing.

Everyone knows that the best way to get kids learning is by making it fun!  One of the best FREE basic math skills app that I’ve seen so far  for iPhone, iPad and Android is one called NUMBIE.

Numbie is unique in its balanced methodology that develops mathematical literacy, higher order thinking skills and is lots of fun!

Numbie starts off with children building skills in choosing items that are the same, different, alike with parameters (size, color, etc.), and it’s up to your child to put the objects where they belong.
Topics covered in the Tutorial Section of Numbie’s mini-games:

◉ Arithmetic
◉ Numerals
◉ Shapes
◉ Addition
◉ Subtraction
◉ Word puzzles
◉ Ones and tens
◉ Memorization

Children can choose their own avatar to show their position on the map, but you have to go into the menu to do so.The app uses scripted narration from Numbie which lead children through each activity.  I think that the spoken instructions are very clear and lead the children through these activities well.   The  narration, sound effects as well as the music can be silenced separately as well – always a nice touch.  NUMBIE is available in nine languages. Each level builds upon the one previous to it reinforcing the skills already learned and then increasing the difficulty of the next section.  Numbie features over 100 math games and activities!The game uses bold, fun graphics, animations, sound effects and objects & characters such as cupcakes, dogs, space aliens that eat candy and fairies to keep kids interested.Also included is a section where parents can check the progress of the children when completing each section.  The app is COPPA compliant, rated by both the ESRB and PEGI  and Numbie’s teaching materials and methods are carefully designed with the highest standards of child education.A couple of  notes I do have for this app are that it seemed to drain the battery on my phone pretty quickly, so keep that in mind if you don’t have a full charge when loading it up for the kids to play.  Also because each level is ‘locked’ children will find themselves having to do them in order.   For children closer to 5 or 6 years of age, the early levels may seem redundant until they have progressed through them enough to unlock the mini games on the path that are more their level or challenging for them.

NUMBIE gives pre-schoolers the foundation needed to excel in math at school. I encourage you to check out the NUMBIE app, and if you do, share what you thought of it in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of NUMBIE.  All opinions are my own.

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