DIY Frozen Treat Holder for a Bomb Pop Filled Summer

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It’s summer time and in Texas that means weeks of triple digit temperatures!  If we’re going to spend time outside it means we have to be able to cool off somehow (we even sometimes have to cool off when we’re in the house with those temperatures!).  The Original authentic Bomb Pop is always a good choice because everyone likes them.  The multiple flavors in one frozen treat; Cherry, Lime, and Blue Raspberry, the ‘red, white & blue’ colors and the iconic rocket Bomb Pop shape is nostalgic for the older generation, and we’re making new memories of fun summer tastes with the younger ones.  Being able to pick up these great frozen treats for a low price at my local Dallas area Kroger makes my summer entertaining easy.The Original Bomb PopIt wasn’t that long ago when my daughter and her friends would be gathered in our backyard with Bomb Pops.  But you know the attention span of some kids 🙂  Sticky fingers would hand me a Bomb Pop so they could: quickly jump in the wading pool, go to the bathroom or go down the slide.  Oh if only I had come up with this DIY Summer Hack back then.  Drip guards and a frozen treat holder so Mom isn’t left holding half a dozen Bomb Pops 🙂 - Summer Hack - DIY Frozen Treat Holder and Drip GuardsYou likely have a lot of the supplies around your home already.  It might take you a few minutes to make the first drip guard, but once you do it a few times it will be a fast process.

DIY Frozen Treat Holder & Drip Guards

What You’ll need:

Milkshake Straws
Mason Jar or Tumbler lids that have a center hole for straws
Elastics (optional)
Plastic Cling Wrap (optional)
Tissue Paper (optional)
Floral Foam

1. Cut the floral foam to fit into your basket.  I chose to wrap mine in tissue paper too, just so it better matched my Bomb Pop color scheme 🙂2. Insert the milkshake straw into the lid.  You may have to pinch it together and thread it through depending on the size of the hole.  If there is a bit of a gap between the hole and the straw, you can wrap an elastic band around the straw on the top, bottom or both sides of the lid to create more of a seal.  You will be using the lid upside down so that it catches the melting drips of the frozen treat.3. If you want even more protection, go ahead and wrap the bottom of the straw (the part that the hands will hold) with plastic wrap just in case some of the frozen treat melts and drips down the straw.

4. Place the wooden stick of the treat in the straw opening and you’re ready to eat your frozen confection while catching drips!DIY Frozen Treat Drip Guards5. If the treat eater needs to step away from their Bomb Pop, they can just push the straw into the floral foam in the basket to keep it standing upright and catch the drips until they are ready to get back to it.The Original Bomb Pop - DIY Frozen Treat HolderIf you are planning some fun get togethers this summer with the kids then having these drip guards, frozen treat holders and of course The Original Bomb Pops handy, will make your summer … the bomb!

There is only one… the Original, authentic Bomb Pop and you can learn more about them on their website.  You can also connect with Bomb Pop on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.Print


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51 thoughts on “DIY Frozen Treat Holder for a Bomb Pop Filled Summer

  1. I used to run after the ice cream truck as a kid to buy one of these. I have a photo of my kids enjoying them on the front porch.

  2. We haven’t had bomb pops in a long time and when I saw this post I started craving them. We would probably eat them out back on our picnic table. sandyjadev at gmail dot com

  3. Honestly, we would eat them in the comfort of air conditioning. More than likely we would sit at the kitchen table and look out into the backyard and sweltering heat.

  4. I let my kids eat bomb pops while swimming in the pool the other day. They were so excited, and it was such a simple thing! LOL

  5. We like to eat them in the backyard with our grand kids. No special occasion needed.

  6. My family likes eating bomb pops outside on the porch after throwing a frisbee around or just enjoying a warm summer day.

  7. My daughter an I LOVE Bomb Pops so much, we eat them everywhere, inside, outside, playing, walking, even in the

  8. They enjoy them in the backyard when enjoying our pool or playing with the sprinkles

  9. what an ingenious idea! I love making pops all year, and it is always a hassle to figure out how to serve them ooh I can’t wait to do this!

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